If you look carefully at the results of the interesting poll just now, have you noticed that not many people are concerned with “treating animals with more compassion”?

Speaking of animals, this reminds me of a beeeeeautiful photo I saw on Today, hmm, today.

Man, white-bellied sea eagles! And not one, but TWO! TWO WHITE-BELLIED SEA EAGLES!!! How cool is that??! TWO!!!  

I haven’t never seen an eagle this close-up before, maybe except at the Jurong Birdpark, but it was eons since I last went there. I visit the zoo at least once per year with my sisters but while the zoo offers a wide diversity of animals, the birdpark only has, well, birds. Which is why we haven’t been there since we were kids. Anyway it wasn’t till recently that I become fascinated with the rulers of the sky. No, not the Airbus A380, I meant birds! Birds!! -.-

You know, every now and then as I walk or wait for my bus at the bus stop, I would raise my head and look at the never-ending sky. And quite often, I won’t be surprised to see an eagle soaring freely in the sky. 🙂 There’s something about the way an eagle soars in the sky that makes my mood soar immediately, effortlessly too. It’s simply…magnificent.   

But of course, I heart the smaller birds too. 🙂

Honestly, how often would eagles just slam onto your balcony? especially two at a go? Mr Lau (you can read the whole story here) seemed very eager to get the appropriate personnel to get rid of the eagles (but maybe to get help as well since he found both eagles unconscious on his balcony, and I think one died in the end *sob*). If it was me, I would see if I could spot any number in the pattern of their feathers. Just 6 numbers would suffice. Hongbao Draw 2008 haha!   

Just kidding! 😉