Wow I haven’t been blogging for the whole of last week. The thing is that I’ve a new colleague and although she sits right behind me and we are supposed to be back-to-back, I keep having this nagging feeling that she’s peeping at what I’m doing all the time. You might think that I’m paranoid but last week I did keep catching her looking at my computer after I walked away and glanced back at her. She’s very new to the job and probably has nothing much to do at the moment as well. Perhaps that’s why she keeps looking at what I’m doing, hoping to get some clues? But the fact is that when I don’t have work to do (yes, that happens to me frequently somehow), I’m probably just reading the usual blogs, followed by Today online (if I’m really bored). I’m not so sure that this would be what her boss would want her to learn from.  

I won’t have disliked her “spying” on me (that might sound too strong but just read on) if she hasn’t seemed like an ally of the notorious Office Spy aka JPS (Ji Pu Sai). Unfortunately for her, her boss is JPS’ boss’ best friend haha. These 2 bosses are the famous buddies of the department. They are almost like Siamese twins – you’ll see them having lunch together, on the phone with each other and they even used to share an office together until recently there was a spare room and one of them moved into it. I think they might go to the toilet together too.

So anyway this means that JPS becomes this new girl’s mentor. Which without any question at all, immediately makes her the second reject of the office. The first one is of course JPS herself. None of the girls in office would speak to the new girl, except me of course haha because I sympathize with her. Afterall, she’s just a very young girl (21 this year! gosh!) and knows nothing about our office politics. But even I find it hard to tell her anything other than the usual “hi” and “bye”. Because you never know whose side she’s on and whose tales she would tell JPS behind our backs. That is until I can have the chance to get to know her better.

However to tell the truth, I don’t have the urge to know her better, especially since she doesn’t seem to want to talk to anyone other than JPS, who’s the one accompanying her for lunch every day since she’s here (but honestly, the rest all know that it’s more like the new girl accompanying the Spy for lunch because no one else in her right mind would haha). And it’s not like I haven’t been nice to her. I’m the only other person here who talks to her. I’ve given her a writing pad, a 2008 calender and a notebook! Ok, these might be free. And yes, I didn’t need the calender cause I was given two much nicer ones the day before, and my manager already gave me a great 2008 planner last year. But still, I took these with the very intention of giving to her. Wa wu sim, ok. 

I guess JPS has already poisoned her mind with malicious lies about the rest of us and maybe she believes them. Why not? Afterall JPS was the first one here to show “kindness” to her. Well, whatever! The rest of us don’t need one more friend. The only thing that bothers us is that now we’ve to deal with not one, but TWO office spies. Fantastic.