..to our new cousin!

Presenting to you:

The giant peccary (Pecari maximus)

This giant peccary is a new species of peccary, a member of the pig family (my relatives!),  in the basin of the Rio Aripuanã in the south-eastern Amazon region. Peccaries belong to the pig family from the New World (Tayassuidae). Until recently, the species consisted of three types: the collared peccary, the white-lipped peccary and the Chacoan peccary.

collared peccary…cute!

In his contacts with local hunters in area of the Rio Aripuanã basin, Dutch biologist Van Roosmalen came across three hides of a species of peccary which he had encountered several times in the local jungle, and which differed strongly from the collared peccary which was also indigenous to the area. And ta-dah! He found the new species!

The man and his pig

You can read the full story here and here.

If you find this amazing, you haven’t check out this fellow yet:


I can only sum up my thoughts in 3 words: gross, gross, gross. This gigantic weasel-like creature is not a weasel nor a squirrel. It’s a 1.4kg giant rat and  a species new to science. The rat was found in the remote Foja Mountains of western New Guinea, Indonesia, on a June 2007 expedition. As quoted, “The giant rat is about five times the size of a typical city rat. With no fear of humans, it apparently came into the camp several times during the trip.” 

C’mon girls, lets say this together: Ewwwwwwssssssss.

And can you believe that this thing (ok la, it’s a fascinating find but rats are not exactly cute. don’t be taken in by “Ratatouille“!) was found along with this adorable little thing?


This is a pygmy possum that is also a previously unrecorded species. Possums are not really very cute but when you shrink it, it becomes awwwww.

Size does matter.