My order’s all screwed haha.

I typed an entry on the wee morning of the first day of 2008 , after a night of fun with some jiemeis at a ktv. But I didn’t post it cause fearing of waking up my parents, I was typing on my sis’ Vaio in her room as she was staying out, and there’s no internet connection there. I planned to post it after I woke up. However I woke up almost 10 hours later at 3pm and my sis was watching YouTube (as usual) on her Vaio. Needless to say, I didn’t have the chance to lay a finger on the Vaio last night.

Now, the post is still sitting happily in my folder on the desktop of her Vaio. It was supposed to be the first post of the brand new year but I’ve just posted a short one on my mummy haha. The order’s screwed la haha! But what the hell, I’ll post that entry when I’ve the chance, and meanwhile I’m going to continue with my New Year resolutions-thanksgiving posts even though 2008 is already onto its second day. 🙂

But wait, I’ve to blog about this first cause it’s so cool! I’m probably a bit wols but this’s the first time I read about him and saw his artworks. Presenting to you the man who can make the thick layers of dust on your car into totally beeeaaaautiful art pieces: Scott Wade.


(source: Dust Art >> The Daily Buzzer)

Yes, he might look super ordinary, if not scruffy haha, but armed with merely fingers, traditional tools like brushes and even unconventional ones like popsicle sticks, he can create extraordinary dust art that you can’t even imagine!

 Don’t believe? Please behold!

These are just 3 of my favourite pieces. You can see more at here and here. 🙂 I don’t think it’s quite possible to get that much dust on your back window because 1) our air and roads are not that dusty (PSI normal *heng*), 2) the frequent rain will wash the dust away (weather nowcast and forecast here) and 3) your neighbours will tsk tsk you and fellow drivers will laugh if they see such a dusty back window. Wait, would the traffic police flag you down and hand you a summon too? Afterall you can’t see anything from your rearview mirror, right?   

Anyway I don’t think Singaporeans are capable of thinking of something so simple yet innovative at the moment. This reminds me of a time in secondary school (sec 2, I think) when our VP came to our classroom and summoned a classmate because this classmate drew a silly ghost cartoon on one of the dusty windows of our next-door classroom! Our VP happened to walk past, saw the “ghostly figure” and got angry. He went into their class and sternly questioned those innocent kids. Apparently, the “ghost” was a signature “art piece” of my mischievous classmate and our neighbours quickly directed the fuming VP to next door aka us. That classmate was given a good verbal thrashing by the VP haha!  

So funny…and I still remember how this particular VP always said, either during morning assembly or announcement broadcast, “This is the wise (vice) principal speaking”. Haha! Damn hilarious! Always reminding us that he’s very wise hohoho. Darn, am I reminiscencing?! That’s just so 老人, but seriously those were the memorable days. *sigh*