Yesterday we girls met up for a hi-tea at Hotel Rendezvous!

Don’t be mistaken, for we are not tai-tais wannabes. It’s our FIRST time going hi-tea together and for my record, that was my second time haha, the first experience being 3 years ago and a treat from the generous birthday girl. And lucky for me, this time round, it was another treat! Mrs Tan kindly treated us as a thank-you meal for helping out at her wedding dinner last month.

Thank you, Mrs Tan!

 And as usual, we girls had loads of fun! See the photos if you need proof! 🙂

After hi-tea, we went shopping at Orchard! Although I was shopping with an aim to buy more clothes for the brand new year and a white bag (to replace my spoilt one), I ended up making the least purchases! Urgh, could only watch my friends buy and buy haha. One in particular shopped like she had been seriously deprived *wink*. Well, but honestly nothing caught my eye and I didn’t want to buy unnecessary items. Though I’m not entirely sure if my only purchase was essential haha!  

It was near the end of the shopping session when I decided to pop into my favourite accessory shop of the moment, Aldo. And almost immediately this bag caught my eye! I was bedazzled haha! Sure, it isn’t white but currently I’m into the bronze colour (I just bought a gorgeous pair of pointed heels in bronze from Charles & Keith) and this bag is simply beautiful in bronze and gold! It’s big enough to hold all sorts of barang barang too which is ideal for me because all my handbags and clutches can barely hold a brolly or shawl or jacket, and my mum always nags when I don’t bring a brolly on rainy days especially these days. All the more, it’s big but glam at the same time! Cool!

Furthermore I can use it both on work days and weekends when I’m out in town! Useful! And I can carry it in TWO different ways, either as a handbag or a sling bag! Super useful haha! SL bought the same one too (good taste haha!) and it’s so worth it cause Aldo has a promotion at the moment where you purchase the 2nd item at 50% off. *hurrays*

Lovely, isn’t it?!

However when my sis saw it, the first thing she asked me was, “你colour blind ah? 这个是白色吗?!”