Back to work today after a week’s of rest, which to be fair I didn’t do a lot due to my sprained ankle. I stayed at home from 21st and only stepped out of the apartment on Christmas day itself haha. I didn’t venture far anyway, only wandered around at AMK central to eat and do grocery shopping. 🙂 Slept very well though, which is very sweeeet, watched a lot of funny videos on YouTube (and laughed my guts out). My family bought an oven yesterday, so my sis and I busied and amused ourselves crazy by attempting to bake some cookies yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t very successful – our cookies were edible and delicious, but didn’t look very appetising haha. By the end of the session, we also puked at the smell of the cookies.

I really admire cooks and chefs because I don’t know how they can tahan the smell of food for the entire day. But I suppose they are sensitized to the smell. My sis works at this Jap restaurant hours per day during holidays and comes home smelling fishy every night. And I mean really fishy. She smells like she bathes in a tub of dead fishes haha. Again, she can’t smell herself so of course she doesn’t think or know that she actually does stink after work.

I’d a good start this morning though cause my bus was really ancient haha. I love these kind of buses that SMRT still carries. I think it’s very cute and 复古. It’s the super old-style SMRT bus with old-school seats and bells, and looks like it will fall apart halfway on the road haha. But of course it won’t! In fact, it’s even air-conditioned unlike those lao pok 74 non-aircon buses that I always thought I’m very suay if one happens to come. Anyway the bus was very empty (a lot of people are on leave till the start of 2008 *jealous*) and I got a nice seat by the window. I don’t know about you but simple things like this can brighten up my day. 🙂

When I came to work, I’d a satisfying breakfast with my colleagues at Office Below (we are slackers haha!) and my colleague passed me 2 Christmas gifts! 🙂 So sweet of them. They earn even lesser than me but they have been very nice and generous to me. Really cool people. And I’m not saying this because they bought me gifts. There are people who know how to share and people who don’t. Those who share might not be rich and those who don’t share might not be poor. It’s all in the heart. While I don’t necessarily hold anything against the latter, I appreciate friends who fall into the first category. 🙂 I wanted to buy gifts from them too but I ended up staying at home during my leave -_-.

After this year’s Christmas, now I’ve some pretty good ideas for gifts for the next Christmas haha! 请拭目以待! Anyway I bought myself a very cool stack of cards this Christmas haha! If you see the photos below, you’ll understand why I just had to buy it when I first laid my eyes on it!

It’s playing cards with a different cocktails on each card! Which means there is a total of 52 drinks in the pack! Martinis, cosmopolitans, you name it, the cards have it. I’m sooo fascinated with the drinks cards! They all look sooo yummy!

Moreover, the recipe for each drink is stated on the card! Not that I’ll learn how to do my own cocktail (can’t imagine that though – it’s like giving a suicidal person a knife. I might have to check myself into a rehab like all the Hollywood It girl, but “they tried to make me go to rehab, I said no no no” haha) but just how cool is that!

So cool that I don’t bear to use it yet haha.