Urgh, 4 more days and 2008 is coming!

I’ll be turning a quarter of a century next year!

It feels like there’s so much that I’ve not done yet. -_-

I don’t really feel old cause 我是老顽童haha, 越老越幼稚haha but 25 years old 确实是开始老了. Wrinkles, pigmentation, cellulite, varicose veins (!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x infinity), 这是不争的事实! -_- Actually if you give me another chance to go back to old days, I won’t want to because 现在看的世界比较清楚,懂得比较多,也比较会珍惜. Being young is quite an awkward stage because you are neither here nor there, and still learning and discovering yourself and life. It’s nevertheless a very precious memory. 🙂 I don’t need to be younger. I just wish that time can seem to pass slower so that I can accomplish more.   

I should do a good look-back, thank-you, New Year resolutions kinda post before the dreadful year arrives, just like every other year. 请拭目以待! (seems to be my latest fave sentence haha) But my memory is not too good these days. Now I can’t really think of anything offhand that’s worth to write about for NYE post haha.

Eh, just post this pic for fun haha!