Ok, I’ve been K.O-ed haha.

Went to Bugis Junction to meet my girls last evening to do some shopping before heading to Central for dinner with the rest of the gang. Being the earliest again, I went to the ladies to preen up first. It was the washroom besides Charles & Keith on the first level, to be exact. As I was descending the steps, and attempting to sms SQ at the same time, I fell down and ended up sitting on the floor. It was my fault because I can’t do anything while I’m walking without screwing up and I know it. I can’t drink without a straw from a can or bottle while walking, or I’ll spill it all over myself. I can’t sms while walking, or I’ll trip. I know it, yet I did just that. So I think I pretty deserved the fall haha!

Anyway I think I fell rather gracefully haha and having done so many malu things all my life, this is hardly at the top of my most embarrassing moments! I just picked myself up immediately because I basically blocked the entire stairway by sitting there haha, and just walked away non-chalently haha. I walked into a shop nearby though, pretending to browse through the clothes because I could feel my right foot wobbling violently as I walked. Did I mention that I was wearing 3-inch heels haha? Anyway that was when the giddy spell hit and if you’ve ever felt truly dizzy before as if you are about to faint, you’ll know what I mean. You’ll start seeing black dots (or “stars” which is a very pretty name for such a frightful state haha) and feel stuffy at your chest. You’ll also start to notice that sounds around you get more and more muffled, and if you stand long enough, your vision will start to black out more and more. If you don’t sit down soon, you’ll ultimately faint.

At the instant, I panicked a bit cause there was really nowhere to sit nearby and for a moment, I wondered if I should just tell the salesgirl that I was going to faint and if she could grab me a seat haha. But my pride took a stronger grip on me. I  just anyhow grabbed a top off the shelf (even though for a few seconds, I actually looked at the top, thought it was fugly and contemplated picking another one haha but couldn’t risk it as I really felt terrible haha), and headed for the changing room. Lucky for me, I didn’t faint before there was a vacant room and ta-dah, there was actually a plush red stool to sit on in the room! After 5 minutes, I was feeling a-okay again, but I couldn’t deny it anymore – I sprained my ankle.

The last time I sprained my ankle, I also felt dizzy haha. I guess the pain is too much for my body, even if I don’t really feel it because my pain threshold is high. Anyway, not wanting to spoil the night, I actually managed to shop with the girls for 2 hours, had dinner at Central for another 1.5 hours and then walked over to Clarke Quay for some drinks. It wasn’t until the last part at Lunar, where we didn’t manage to score seats because we didn’t make booking in advance (but well we didn’t even plan to go there in the first place) and had to stand. After 3o minutes, the giddy spell hit again and I finally headed home. 😛

Anyway back to  the highlights of the night, other than my sprain haha, we’d dinner at this Japanese restaurant, Edogawa Teppanyaki at the Central. I really like this restaurant because it’s not overly crowded like Waraku (which although has a very extensive menu and delicious food, is too noisy like some market) and great for friends’ gatherings if you want to chat instead of shout. We got a table by the window which overlooked the Singapore River and the bustling Clarke Quay across the river. Lovely. 🙂 The menu is a bit limited and more expensive, but the promotional set meals are very worthwhile! Each set is only $14.80 now and comprises of several yummy dishes!

As you can see, each set consists of about 8 small dishes – of which I love the beef (medium and super tender! *drool*), the bean sprouts (what can I say, I’m low maintenance haha) and the garlic fried rice! I don’t eat sashimi hehe but from the way my girls gobbled up theirs and mine, it must taste good! Eh, didn’t manage to take a lot of food because the food looked too tasty! Had to eat!
















before the garlic fried rice, miso soup and fruits arrived….















 after everything has been gobbled by the 5 hungry monsters…











3 of us 🙂


Didn’t manage to take a group photo as my battery died -_-

But before all that, we were actually taking crazy photos with my camera functions haha:















picking out the red….

Now the green stands out…

then the blue wants attention too…

damn I’m wearing brown so no action…

it’s Hungry Ghosts’ Festival in December (O_o)

*gasp* now she has turned blue! What’s happening?!

Yes, D, we know that the kettle is blue -_-















And yes, the plates are green. The leaves are green, just like your dress.

And Cyn got me a Christmas present! A very sweet mug from Precious Moments that has my birth month at the bottom of the mug! Thanks, babe *muacks* Can’t bear to use it to hold pens though haha…too precious!















Glad that the girls like what I bought for them too haha. Guess I pick this habit from my mummy who loves to buy gifts for her friends too. We simply enjoy giving and don’t necessarily expect anything in return. Nothing material at least. We just hope that the other knows that he or she is loved by us, and of course, hope that they feel the same way about us. No obligations though haha.

And I picked this fantastic book from Kinokuniya too!

Yes, it’s Philip Pullman‘s “His Dark Materials“, from which the movie “The Golden Compass” is adapted from! I caught the movie, quite enjoyed it (even though the Harry Potter series is still the bestest haha) and am sure that the book will even be better (as usual). Now that I’m trapped at home for at least the next couple of days anyway, glad that reading the book is now a good past-time! 🙂

Have fun this Christmas, people, and watch the steps! 😉