Yesterday was a Monday but I didn’t have any Monday blues because it was a joyous day – one of my best friends from secondary school was getting married.

Initially when S and I were on our way to Goodwood Park Hotel where the wedding dinner was held, we were feeling a bit sian. Firstly, there was the ever-persistent rain (I hate December weather!) which made us feel cold and sleepy, and forcing us to take a cab. Then there was the stupid cab fare hike and yes, we were in a Comfort (the fares aren’t making us feel comforted -_-). Thirdly, only our clique (ie S, M and I) was invited to the dinner and since M had told S previously that she couldn’t go as she couldn’t afford to take leave (long story), we thought we were the only two from secondary school who would be there. Sure, there’ll be familiar faces for me since, besides her primary school and HCJC friends, her medical school friends would be invited too and quite a few of them were from NJC as well. I would probably also recognise several others since the medical students share the same campus as Science students in NUS. But I don’t really know them. How fun could a dinner be if there’s only the 2 of you, sharing the table with 8 strangers. Unless, of course, these are 8 handsome strangers haha.  

Hence we were very delighted to receive a call from M as we were on our way, telling us that she and her bf, Jx were already at the hotel. 🙂 We smiled because the clique is now complete and it has been ages since our clique has gathered successfully, not counting the recent time when we were at the hospital visiting M (she wasn’t feeling well enough to make conversation then).

Indeed, it was a very jubilant night for all of us. Even though we didn’t know many people there (it was quite a people-watching session for me though as I spotted NJCians, now doctors, one after another). It was like good old times with S and M (G was too busy being the glamorous bride that she was last night) back in Anderson, where we didn’t have a lot but it was fun just to sit around and chat, crack jokes and laugh our hearts out. 🙂 People might think that we were crazy because we just kept on chatting and laughing as we enjoyed the delicious food and yummy wine. Examples of our siao-ding-dong dialogue:

Walking into the ballroom, we realised that our table was right at the front, just after the relatives’ table.

“Wah, we are very important leh!” *looked at each other and giggled*

Halfway through the dinner, the photo-taking started as the couple went from table to table. They took a mighty long time before they reached us.

“Wah I thought we are very important. How come not our turn yet.”

“We are very important, that’s why we are last.” *bwahaaaha*


The couple went on to another table after ours.

“Eh, how much we are not the last one!”

“Chey, I thought we are important!” *bwahahahaah*

Basically the entire night we just kept on thinking that we are very important. 😛

After all the photo-taking:

“Wah the groom looks drunk. His face is sooo red.”

*everyone launched into a discussion whether our faces turn red after drinking.*

S: “It’s because our blood circulation is very good, that’s why our faces turn red.”

Jx: “No, no, that’s not true. I’ve read…” *launched into a scientific finding about how people whose faces turn red after drinking have livers that don’t work as fast as those who never turn red.*

Me: *turning to look at groom again* “Wah, then his liver not very good leh.”

*everyone burst into laughter*

Me: *looking down at my belly* “Good job, liver!”

*everyone bwahahah once again*

I could go on and on about all the funny things that we talked about last night. I’m really blessed with humourous friends. I appreciate good old humour. Humour is not the same as lameness. Some people are just lame but some are truly hilarious. There are people I’ve known who honestly don’t have much of a funny bone in them but I guess it’s harder to click with them and that’s why my friends are mostly funny in one way or another haha. For some, they are funny in the way they look hahah. Relax, I’m just kidding! 

Oh, that was actually a horrific moment that night though. During the montage which showed their photos from childhood all the way to their wedding shoots, the 3 of us nearly fainted, pulled our hair out and hid our faces under the table all at the same time when photos of us a decade ago in Anderson flashed by! We were like all “urghs” and “ewwws” at the sight of our old selves! 简直就是惨不忍睹haha! Thank God the photos were gone in less than seconds before the rest could take a good look and link those faces to us. *shiver* Later that night when we caught hold of the couple outside the ballroom, we actually gave them a firm verbal thrashing haha. They ought to give us a warning beforehand so that we could be conveniently at the washroom when the montage was screened haha.

And of course we were all truly happy for G because she looks so blissful. If happiness was like radioactive radiation last night, we would all have gotten cancer from all the happiness she was radiating. She ought to be though, having not only found the man she loves the most, but getting to spend the rest of their lives togther too. Her hubby seems like a great fellow, even though he’s a bit far from what I would have thought haha, but it’s not in the bad way. 🙂 I just hadn’t expect such a jovial and humourous guy. G is someone who’s very sensible and would never tolerate rubbish, so I’m very sure that she has truly found her happiness. 🙂

And the bundle of joy that’s to come in months? I can’t wait. 🙂