According to Google Search, it means “admonition: cautionary advice about something imminent”.

When Kenny Sia gives you a prior warning that said “Warning: This entry contains nudity. Do not read at work.“, one better listens to his advice.

Or suffer the shock I just had. -_- Yes, I read it during work with my colleagues working at their desktops all around me.

Head over to read his latest entry on the sleazy go-go bars of Bangkok and brace yourself (it’s best to sit down, or get your inhaler ready if you’ve asthma) for the photo at the end of the entry.

Honestly, I didn’t like what he has done, no matter what his original intention has been (maybe for fun or to increase the visitor count). Regardless whether the Thai is a real woman or a transexual, to me, this act of his seems to belittle the female. In fact, the more I think about it, the more insulting it seems. Whether or not that breast he held in his hand is authentic, it still represents a female anatomical part that distinguishes the 2 sexes. Just because he could afford to pay the person, that doesn’t mean that he should do it. What was he thinking of? It doesn’t seem to show much respect to women.  

If he just wanted to be entertaining or increased viewership, I think he pretty much got his aim. If he wanted to be funny, sorry, it wasn’t funny at all.