My colleagues couldn’t believe that a month ago, I hadn’t watch a single episode of the USA NBC hit TV series, “Heroes“.

Sure, I knew of it since it has been such a big hit not just in the States, but almost all over the world ever since it premiered in September last year. But while I do enjoy watching TV and movies, I’m rarely someone who is a fanatic of anything at all. If it’s there, I’ll watch; if it’s not, I probably won’t hunt for it.

Nevertheless, I was very excited to know that our local Channel 5 was (finally!!!) going to air the series a couple of months ago! And of course, I caught the 1st episode and boy, it was fascinating! And yet at the same time, it was excruciating to watch an episode a time every week!! So I went online and found an excellent website, conveniently called Watch Heroes Online which has every single episode of Heroes right until the latest one released in US (though in fact there are several websites out there that do pretty much the same) .

So now, I’m pretty much hooked and done for haha. I’ve just finished Season 1, Volume One: Genesis and is starting Season 2, Volume Two: Generations. All 23 episodes in Volume One are amazing! The plot really keeps you hanging there and begging for more, which is why once you start, you’ll really find yourself watching episode after episode! The reviews for the 2nd volume weren’t raving too and the Murphy guy is correct once again as everything goes wrong for Heroes. Due to the writers’ strike in US, only 11 of the original 24 episodes have been broadcast (-_-) and Season 2 was actually supposed to encompass 3 volumes – Volume 2 (11 episodes), Volume 3 (7 episodes) and Volume 4 (6 episodes). The dispute also led to the postponement of a 6-episode spin-off Heroes: Origins which was originally expected to air in April and May 2008.

But well, what can I complain about? I can’t have more but neither can the Americans and the rest of the world! wahahahaaaa *sicko laughter*

Besides, have you seen Milo Ventimiglia?! This dude is H-O-T haha!

But urgh, he’s rumoured to be dating the cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere. And what can I say, even I think that this girl is gorgeous haha!

Save the cheerleader, Save the World! Looks like Peter Petrelli wants to do the same in real life too!