I’m in a foul mood today. At least when I’m in office today. Generally once I’m at home, I’m at peace with myself and the world haha. It’s true that I rarely feel any negativity at home and I think that’s the way it should be. Any problem or worry that we’ve from work or school or life in general, we should leave all these outside the door before we step into our homes. It’s unfair that we take our frustrations out on a loving family member, in particular, our mums who love us too much to be angry at us. That’s based on an assumption that your family isn’t the root of your troubles in the first place.  

Anyway when my mood worsens all of a sudden for no apparent reason, there’s only one simple reason. A quick calculation of dates always proves that I’m right – my damn period must be approaching! Everytime this time of each month, I can’t help but feel how unfair it is for the ladies to go through this every month (ok, some girls only need to experience it once every few months, but that can actually pose a medical issue, so there’s nothing much to be envious of) and not the guys. The hassle, the cramps and the mood swings! Urgh! It’s TOO MUCH! It’s UNFAIR!

That’s why we take it out on the guys once every month. We give it a nice medical term called PMSPreMenstrual Syndrome to justify the unpredictable snapping, fuss-making and tantrum-throwing, but in reality, it’s just plain revenge. So you guys should be grateful of this biological difference, count your blessings and just suffer in silence.

Ok, that’s just my hormones screaming. I’m usually not like this. That’s why hormones are scary.  

But as if my day is meant to be worse, guess who I bumped into once I entered the office? My ever-naggy co-boss whom I can hardly find when I need him to sign some urgent documents but keep bumping into when I want to avoid the nagging. He’s generally nice but he’s seriously a nag. Yes, it’s a “he”. My boss who is a “she” doesn’t nag at all. This world has really changed, man. The man is cooking in the kitchen and changing the diapers for the baby while the woman keeps an eye on the stock market on her computer. The woman makes her point straight-forward and clear while the man nags incessantly. When’s the man going to have periods and babies while the woman just sows her seeds?

Oh yes, back to my naggy co-boss. He just keeps on harping on the same issue! An issue which is not my fault and definitely not my problem too since I don’t intend to stay on this job beyond my contract. Ok, that’s my spitefulness muffling my sense of responsibility. I’ll do my work well even if I’m really leaving halfway throughout this project so that the person taking over has an easier job. But I do detest nagging! My mum doesn’t nag for goodness sake, so nagging is something that I can never get used to. Somemore, I am already working on the issue now and the results will be out soon. I’ve been giving him the same answer for months and he’s still asking the same bloody thing. Fed-up, man! I’m fed-up with men. Really.

And he’s actually wearing a tie today. Must be having some meeting or presentation later, but darn, all I could do when he was nagging at me was to stare at that tie and think how fugly it is haha. It’s sky blue which is my least favourite colour (I’ve practically nothing in blue haha. Believe it or not, you’ll never catch me in a blue top. Oh, except for my jeans of course haha) and has some pattern on it which has nothing artsy about it at all. The crucial thing is that it doesn’t match his shirt and I don’t like things that don’t match (that’s probably the only Virgoan trait in me) haha.

Anyway his tie flipped somehow and I saw the logo behind it. Damn, it’s Salvatore Ferragamo! Not surprised that he’s wearing branded stuff since he’s the boss afterall, a person well-respected in his field, definitely climbing the social and corporate ladders smoothly and making big bucks too. I’m just irated how such a gorgeous label is wasted. -_- I can definitely do better with that money on a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes! *muacks muacks the shoes

Oh, glorious Salvatore Ferragamo!