Just saw something interesting from TODAYonline.

Wonder if you recall but I’ve mentioned more than once in my previous blogs that I love the 30m Christ the Redeemer statue (or Cristo Redentor do Corcovado in the native language) in Rio de Janeiro of my favourite football country, glorious Brazil. Don’t believe? See here and here (darn, I do have quite a few old blogs here and there, don’t I).

I don’t understand why either and I’m not a follower, but I just find this statue really spectacular. Maybe it has a lot to do that it’s standing on the land where my favourite football team is. Or maybe it’s how the statue seems to be just standing very peacefully there, silently praying for the people of Brazil. An immense feeling of tranquility.

This new statue from Indonesia also stands at 30m and is trying very hard to win the world’s record of being Asia’s tallest Jesus Christ statue (except that Vietnam now says that it has one that’s 2m higher – it’s true! I’ll show you later). Ok, just a digression: I don’t understand why everyone wants to break some world’s records! I can, if it’s for some sports competition (like 24th SEA games 2007), or in this case, it can probably help to attract more tourists. But why does our country like to try and break all sorts of records that other people have probably never given a thought about? Like “most number of trustfalls in one hour” or “largest gathering of Santas”?? Read about all the records you never think even exist until you read it here.

Anyway back to this new statue, it just doesn’t work for me. I know that it’s supposed to feel like he’s flying towards the people, but, not intending to be offensive here, it looks like he accidentally tripped and was about to fall flat onto his face instead. 

Oh, and the 32m one at Vietnam? It really exists. It is known as the Christ of Vung Tau, which stands on Nho Mount, city of Vung Tau, Vietnam. According to this source, the statue stands on the very top of a hill literally known as Jesus Hill, which is located somewhere in the middle of the town. Other than the large statue of Christ, there are also other smaller statues of baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and saints and angels scattered around the hill. The statue is clearly visible throughout the town, as it is right at the tip of the hill and stands proud at 32m tall and 18m wide. The statue was built in 1972 and has secret windows in between the open arms, with the purpose of watching over the town and the sea. In order to reach the statue, one has to walk up a few hundred steps!  



Well, it looks like a pretty neat statue and from what I read here, it definitely sounds worthy to visit! In fact, there are many many statues all around the world which we don’t even know of! This is an useful read if you are interested to know more. 🙂