Congratulations to 李安大导演 for clinching the Best Director award at the 44th Golden Horse Awards last weekend.

Ya, I’m a big fan of 李导演 ever since I watched Oscar-winning Best Foreign Language Film《卧虎藏龙》in 2000. This film gave a total meaning to all the 武侠片 that we Chinese have been making all these years. Before this, no one would believe that 武侠片 can be like this.

周任发 *ahhhhhh*

And then, how could I ever forget, “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005 that won Lee Ang the Best Director award in 2006’s Oscars. Haa I didn’t catch this movie because it starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Or because it had two good-looking men gettin’ it on. Lee Ang himself was actually the appeal, and of course, the raving reviews of this film. I don’t know about you people, but when reviews are that good, most of the time I just have to watch it. I’m a movie fanatic afterall.

And honestly, how could I ever ever forget this film. It touched me in places in my heart that I didn’t know existed. It made me think about issues which I had never given a thought about previously. It made me cry in the heartbreakingly sad kind of way. It made me ponder upon the film for days and weeks after watching it…twice. If I’ve to name my favourite film I’ve ever watched so far, it has to be “Brokeback Mountain”.  

And for Lee Ang, I watched “Lust, Caution” too, or “色, 戒“, which is one of the biggest winners, if not the biggest, at the Golden Horse Awards.

I would say that I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Even though C, who caught the movie with D and me, was seriously traumatized by the movie the sex scenes (to be exact) haha. She didn’t know what the movie was about at all! That’s what can happen when you don’t read the synopsis or reviews beforehand. After the 157 minutes (out of which I think less than 15 minutes involved sex), apparently she was too shocked to tell us that she was in shock haha. It wasn’t until last Saturday (which is one or two weeks after) when she told us! It’s soooo hilarious haha!

Oh anyway sex scenes put aside, I think the entire movie is intense and well-paced. There was never a moment when I felt bored or thinking to myself whether the movie is coming to an end soon. But maybe it’s because I’m more of a Chinese Singaporean than a Singaporean Chinese, it’s extremely hard for me to empathize with the characters or their patriotism. I think whatever they were doing for their country, or so they claimed, was silly and naive, unworthy of praise. They wasted their time, their efforts and ultimately all their lives, and what did they accomplish? Nothing.

To be honest, I can never quite understand Chinese patriotism. *urgh*


Anyway, “Lust, Caution” won 7 out of the 11 prizes it was nominated.

  1. Best Film

  2. Best Director

  3. Best Make-up and Costume Design

  4. Best Original Film Score

  5. Best Screenplay Adaptation

  6. Best Actor (Tony Leung)

  7. Best New Performer (Tang Wei)

If you haven’t watch it, I think it’s still showing at the theatres. It was full house the night we went, and that was already weeks after the R21 version was released on Deepavali. But then again, if you are fearful of “入骨 action” like C, you might want to give it a miss haha. The movie should be titled “Caution, (got) Lust” instead haha.