It must be Christmas today! It MUST be!

If not, why is no one around at all?!

I count a grand total of 5 heads in office today (I didn’t even see the rest..they are supposed to be away on some course) and I’m the only one who’s more than 90% of the time in office! The other 4 just go in and out of office as if they are very busy. Ya, as if haha. Wonder what’s everyone up to.  

And yes, I’ve virtually nothing to do today, which is why this is my 3rd blog post of the day. *urgh* Believe it or not, I hate having nothing to do all the time. Which brings me back to the moral dilemma of whether I should change my job. Why it is considered as a “moral dilemma” needs another blog entry to explain. *sigh*

Anyway when I’ve nothing to do, it’s much easier having no one around to peep at what you are doing (which is honestly just nothing). I just pretend to be busy when other colleagues are around. When no one is here, I can slack openly haha which is naturally more ideal.

But it would be best if there’s something for me to do, other than reading blogs, reading Today online, thinking of stuff to Google for and surfing the net randomly.

I swear that I’m almost as lazy as Garfield these days.

And now I’m eating a strawberry cheesecake (which I’ve been craving for days so heck care, die die must eat) from Polar. I swear sooner or later I’ll be a fat as Garfield too. -_-