My sis’ Sony Vaio is cool as hell. Well, at least so far so good haha.

Did I say that it comes with Adobe Photoshop? *heehee* But I’ll need a lot of time to figure how to utilize it properly.

And it comes with Microsoft Office Publisher! The manager and I were just talking about our fugly information pamphlets, which we provide for our clients, the other day. Both of us have absolutely nothing to do with the design of those hideous things. Otherwise they won’t be so 见不得人. These were done long long before our time by people with no taste at all.  After all, our unit has been running since the 1970s haha, and 祖师爷who is in his 70s, barely looks a day beyond 60 (that lucky man!) and whom we affectionately call (behind his back of course) as Ah-pa is still here. Even though, just like Zoe Tay in 红星大奖, he’s like already on the 神台haha. His status in his field, locally, regionally and may I say, internationally is totally 无法超越. Yet he remains the kind, humble, helpful man whom he is. He’s a boss I really respect. 🙂

Anyway back to the pamphlets, I was still telling the manager that if I’ve Microsoft Office Publisher, I would design new and prettier ones (because the information is still useful but the picture, layout and colours are just very boring and outdated). Apparently, it costs a few thousand bucks to get the company’s own designers to do it. Blood suckers, man. That’s why even though my boss wants new pamphlets, the manager wants new pamphlets, it has been all talk and no action. I’ll definitely try my hands at designing new ones now.

Anyway what was I talking about? I’m really good at digressing and blabbering non-stop. **sigh* Oh ya, the laptop’s good and amazes us goons with its functions and programs haha. Wait till I show you its webcam functions haha. My silly sis and I had loads of fun last week playing with that. We are awfully good at entertaining ourselves haha. And the Vaio comes with Picasa too. Let me show you a collage that I’ve done using photos taken with my new Canon:

I made these earrings myself. Pretty? They are really shiny, being Swarovski crystals. Both my parents are very cute. On 2 different occasions, my parents each came over to inspect the earrings cause they thought they saw a light source. This is what we call 老花眼haha. And it’s occasions like these when I’m certain why they are really made for each other haha.   

And we bought Christmas cards yesterday too! Aren’t they cute? Can’t wait to write and send them out! 🙂

See what I’ve done using Picasa and Photoshop! Hope that I can post larger photos though, but bigger ones keep getting cut by the side bar -_-