Somehow discovered this really cute blog when I was surfing Google for “Prima Deli Ang Mo Kio” haha.

It features totally adorable photos of their baby girl and interesting anecdotes involving their 2 girls (one’s starting to walk and the other barks), loads of other yummy babies, baby stuff which you have never given a thought about (yet) etc.

My favourite photo so far (haven’t finish reading the entire blog yet) is this:


Courtesy from Talia’s first step (10th May 2007)

Honestly, just how cute can a baby get! There seems to be no limit to baby cuteness! It’s like the infinite decimal expansion of the miraculous pi (π)! And did I tell you that I saw this super uber cute baby girl at a cafe I was having lunch at with my sisters yesterday? She was sitting in a baby chair with her grandpa in a table opposite ours and she had her back to us. Being the usual inquisitive baby, she turned around trying to take in the entire room and everyone else. We tried desperately to catch Her Highness’ attention by waving our hands madly (Grandpa had his back to us and couldn’t see anyway, so that’s all it mattered haha). The precious cutie saw us and gave us a shy smile! That was like the cutest thing ever! And then she proceeded to play peek-a-boo with us by hiding her face behind her grandpa’s arm (he was busy smsing or playing with his hp and remained ignorant throughout the entire episode). I’m glad that I’m not diabetic – I could have died from all this sweetness. *awwww*

Well, that’s my maternal instinct talking haha!