When I reached home after a day of work on Monday, I found my dad taking a nap. Which is unusual because after coming back from work, he always sits around either reading the newspapers or watching TV while waiting for dinner to be ready. My mum explained that my dad wasn’t feeling too well. He had come home looking all pale and weak, complaining of a severe stomach ache which almost caused him to faint on the way home.

Later that night when he was having dinner, he didn’t look too bad, though you could tell that he was very tired and had that sian sian look on his face. When I asked him about the episode, he could actually enthusiastically relate it to me, saying how he felt unwell and broke into cold sweat for no reason just before he embarked on his 1-hour bus ride home, how he started to feel pain in his stomach after a while and how he had to alight before his usual stop to find a toilet because he felt diarrhoea coming.

It made me quite worried because his health has deteriorated recently probably because of aging, especially his lung function. The fact that he had been a heavy smoker for over 20 years until the recent past 6-7 years doesn’t help at all. He also suffers from indigestion all along, so I worried that this recent epsiode might suggest a worsening of his digestive system.

Luckily the following day he was well again. 🙂 It was then when we heard the news about the food poisoning of Prima Deli chocolate cakes. Nope, we didn’t buy any cake from Prima Deli (because all women in my family are on diet or claim to be haha, and decided not to buy any cake for my mum’s birthday) but it caused a stir of excitement in us because there’s a branch in AMK Central and the pandan waffles there are a hot favourite of the people, including my family. I know all Prima Deli branches probably sell waffles but the ones at this particular branch are honestly the best! They are made on the spot only when there’s an order, unlike some branches which make a lot and put them in a heater to keep warm – the taste is different! And the waffles are always piping hot, smell and taste absolutely delicious! My dad would buy some for us every other weekend and it’s very sweet of him because the queue’s always very long even on weekdays (except for very strange timings of the day) and a wait on average usually means more than 20 minutes!  

It wasn’t until Wednesday when my dad made the link between his bout of diarrhoea and Prima Deli. He had a Prima Deli WAFFLE on Sunday! The next day he had diarrhoea. We concluded that it must be the stupid waffle. However, strangely, my sis and I both ate a waffle too haha and we were completely fine. I think our stomachs are a lot stronger than my dad’s. In fact, I’ve never had food poisoning or diarrhoea before haha! 我是吃肮脏大的haha. I probably have antibodies to all the bacteria haha. 


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