I caught the Walt Disney movie “Enchanted” last night. As the chair sucker for happy endings, of course I LOVE the film. It’s imaginative, creative, romantic and delightful. It’s also incredibly cheesy haha. I couldn’t resist laughing out loud during some scenes that were oh-so-fairytale-like to the point that it became hilarious. Whoever wrote the script is definitely poking a joke at fairy tales there haha.  

It’s pretty much a musical as well because fairytale characters have this genetic mutation that disallows them to talk normally and they have to sing to convey their thoughts and feelings. Yes, even when they come to our modern world *sigh*.

I’m usually not a big fan of musicals and have only watched one musical (which my friend played a part in, and I actually enjoyed the performance very much) in my entire life so far. I found it quite silly to see the performer sing, and spin round and round with arms wide open at the same time. However, recently I’ve been watching, yes, Bollywood movies and the Bollywood people all like to sing and dance haha! That’s when I realise I do enjoy happy musicals, as opposed to darker ones like Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. So yes, I really love all the musical parts in Enchanted

I especially love the part where Giselle sang “That’s How You Know” in the park. The song’s catchy as hell, and the look on Robert’s face is priceless haha. You have to catch the movie to get what I mean *wink*. Anyway I think you can hear the soundtrack here. And this is anyway a very cool website for the movie. You can watch the trailer, some clips, as well as behind-the-scene clips there.  

Patrick Dempsey as Robert in the movie was just..le sigh. Amy Adams is one hell of a lucky girl. Can you believe that she’s 33 anyway?! And she has to act all cute and breathy in the movie haha! That’s a very awkward age to do all that. In fact, I can’t even do all that haha. But I must say that she does look like she just stepped out of a fairytale book with her fair skin, doeful eyes, rosy cheeks and blonde hair. Even though her crow feets at the corners of her eyes were kinda telling.

And Patrick Dempsey *le sigh* is one of those rare kind that looks sexy even if he is fully clad. I don’t know, it might be his unkempt hair, or his manly stubble, or his dreamy eyes. He’s really just Dr McDreamy *le sigh*. These days there’s really a lot of gorgeous men in their 40s around. 🙂 

Wah, wait. I just found out about this interesting piece of trivia regarding McDreamy. Do you know that his 1st wife (1987-1994, divorced), actress Rocky Parker is the mother of his best friend, actor Corey Parker?! Apparently he was 21 when he married her, then 48! Putting age aside, how does one marry one’s best friend’ parent?! It’s just damn scary! And you haven’t even seen how the woman looks like haha!

But well, I guess love is blind. Just can’t believe that he was blind for 4 years 7 years (what happened to my Maths *urgh*)!