haha! You’ve most likely heard of the song that 宪哥hums on “我猜,我猜,我猜猜猜”:


But have you heard of the original song?!

It’s a Hindi song haha! Chanced upon it when I was surfing YouTube and just had to post it!

 The title of this song is Choli ke peeche which actually means “behind the blouse”! Apparently, women in India usually hide money or addresses there. -_-

I even found the English translation of the lyrics! Damn funny la.

I =Ila Arun M = Madhuri

I:What is behind your blouse (choli) ? What is below your scarf (chunari)? 
M:My heart (dil) is there , I will give it to my lover (yar).
I:Thousands are mad for you , and have been for a long time
M: But still I havent found the one I want , not in this town what can I do?
My skirt (lehnga) is made of silk (resham) , and it is expensive 
I lift it when I walk and pull my veil down over my head
What more can I do for modesty , oh God ?
I (to sanjay): Save this woman , hide(give) her in ( a place) your heart 
M: Men are after me ,some pull me here and some there ,what shall I do ?
Marry me , make me a bride
I dont want to be a second wife or nun (jogan) 
I:What should the girl (ladki) be like , what should be the boy be like?
M: girl like me , boy like you (Sanjay), then we can really enjoy the joys of love.
M: Become a drum of the drummer , become an ankle bracelet (ghungroo) of the ankle(payal) , bow to me , become my slave .you may be a king but I dont give a damn ! (throws his money back)
I am young and I am looking for someone
Boy of my dreams come back soon , I sleep with my door open
What good is a king (shows playing card) without a queen , what good is a queen without a king ?
You know what you want , I know what I want !
I am dedicating my youth to you , are you game ?

The lyrics are so simple and short, yet they can go on and on for more than 8 minutes!

But I like this song haha! Has this really catchy feel about it! Especially the 把我的皮鞋擦黑, 把我的皮箱拿来tune haha, and yes, the ku-ku-ku-ku part!

Anyway this clip is from the movie Khal Nayak, which of course, stars my ever favorite Sanjay Dutt again. In case, you can’t recognise him. He’s the sexy beast with loadsa beard covering his face and keeps flirting with the girl.

Ok, I admit that I’ve weird taste. =P