Darn, I’m down with a flu now.

Super sian cause I have a cilent to attend to tomorrow and it’s super unhygienic sniffing, sneezing and wiping at your running nose in front of the cilent. -_- Some of my colleagues would wear a face mask when they are sick but I think it might scare off the cilents haha cause it kinda reminds us of the horrible SARS period. Although in other countries like Japan, it’s perfectly normal to wear a face mask when one has fallen ill, especially with a flu or cold. 

I wish that we still have Clarinase at home. Somehow this works as a miracle drug for me haha, stops my running nose almost immediately. I always feel totally fine the next day. 🙂 I hope the nose will stop its marathon tomorrow. If not, I’ll have to buy some tablets at the pharmacy tomorrow morning. 😦

Oh, have I mentioned that I went to the Sitex 2007 at Expo?  

Well, I took leave to go on Friday, trying to avoid the crazy people mountain people sea on the weekends. When my sis and I reached the fair at 1230pm, there wasn’t really much of a crowd. Unless you count ALL those part-timers giving out pamphlets. I swear at that time there were more of those than potential customers roaming the fair. But by the time we bought our laptop (my sis bought a Sony Vaio VGN-CR23G in champagne gold *wee wee*) and digital camera, there was a continuous stream of people walking from the MRT to the exhibition halls. We’d such a tough time trying to go against the kiasu current haha. But who cares, we’d already made our purchases! We were satisfied customers!

I bought a Canon IXUS 860 IS

It comes in either black or silver. Of course, I bought the silver one (the one on the right) cause it looks weird just having the centre part in black. I might buy it if the entire thing is in black (think my Motorola Razr V3XX). Though it might be the best if it comes in a range of colors to choose, like the Sony Cybershot range.  

pretty pretty pretty!!!

But 内在比外在重要. I’m more concerned with the performance of the digital camera rather than the design of it. Though it must not look too ugly la hahha. As the reviews for this camera are raving, especially compared to the Sony ones, I just have to get this! 🙂

This is how the back of the camera looks like. Not too impressive though. People at Canon should have made the whole thing silver haha. Sony and Canon should work hand in hand to make the best performer that looks great too. Or Canon should find some better designer to collaborate. Tom Ford, anyone hahah.

But looks aside, I’m very satisfied with my camera as to date :). The images are sharp and clear. The camera is easy to use (after reading the manual haha). Let’s see some of the photos:

Some of my mum’s plants (she has very green fingers)

Till next time! 🙂 🙂