December 2007

Yesterday we girls met up for a hi-tea at Hotel Rendezvous!

Don’t be mistaken, for we are not tai-tais wannabes. It’s our FIRST time going hi-tea together and for my record, that was my second time haha, the first experience being 3 years ago and a treat from the generous birthday girl. And lucky for me, this time round, it was another treat! Mrs Tan kindly treated us as a thank-you meal for helping out at her wedding dinner last month.

Thank you, Mrs Tan!

 And as usual, we girls had loads of fun! See the photos if you need proof! 🙂

After hi-tea, we went shopping at Orchard! Although I was shopping with an aim to buy more clothes for the brand new year and a white bag (to replace my spoilt one), I ended up making the least purchases! Urgh, could only watch my friends buy and buy haha. One in particular shopped like she had been seriously deprived *wink*. Well, but honestly nothing caught my eye and I didn’t want to buy unnecessary items. Though I’m not entirely sure if my only purchase was essential haha!  

It was near the end of the shopping session when I decided to pop into my favourite accessory shop of the moment, Aldo. And almost immediately this bag caught my eye! I was bedazzled haha! Sure, it isn’t white but currently I’m into the bronze colour (I just bought a gorgeous pair of pointed heels in bronze from Charles & Keith) and this bag is simply beautiful in bronze and gold! It’s big enough to hold all sorts of barang barang too which is ideal for me because all my handbags and clutches can barely hold a brolly or shawl or jacket, and my mum always nags when I don’t bring a brolly on rainy days especially these days. All the more, it’s big but glam at the same time! Cool!

Furthermore I can use it both on work days and weekends when I’m out in town! Useful! And I can carry it in TWO different ways, either as a handbag or a sling bag! Super useful haha! SL bought the same one too (good taste haha!) and it’s so worth it cause Aldo has a promotion at the moment where you purchase the 2nd item at 50% off. *hurrays*

Lovely, isn’t it?!

However when my sis saw it, the first thing she asked me was, “你colour blind ah? 这个是白色吗?!”


Urgh, 4 more days and 2008 is coming!

I’ll be turning a quarter of a century next year!

It feels like there’s so much that I’ve not done yet. -_-

I don’t really feel old cause 我是老顽童haha, 越老越幼稚haha but 25 years old 确实是开始老了. Wrinkles, pigmentation, cellulite, varicose veins (!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x infinity), 这是不争的事实! -_- Actually if you give me another chance to go back to old days, I won’t want to because 现在看的世界比较清楚,懂得比较多,也比较会珍惜. Being young is quite an awkward stage because you are neither here nor there, and still learning and discovering yourself and life. It’s nevertheless a very precious memory. 🙂 I don’t need to be younger. I just wish that time can seem to pass slower so that I can accomplish more.   

I should do a good look-back, thank-you, New Year resolutions kinda post before the dreadful year arrives, just like every other year. 请拭目以待! (seems to be my latest fave sentence haha) But my memory is not too good these days. Now I can’t really think of anything offhand that’s worth to write about for NYE post haha.

Eh, just post this pic for fun haha!
Back to work today after a week’s of rest, which to be fair I didn’t do a lot due to my sprained ankle. I stayed at home from 21st and only stepped out of the apartment on Christmas day itself haha. I didn’t venture far anyway, only wandered around at AMK central to eat and do grocery shopping. 🙂 Slept very well though, which is very sweeeet, watched a lot of funny videos on YouTube (and laughed my guts out). My family bought an oven yesterday, so my sis and I busied and amused ourselves crazy by attempting to bake some cookies yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t very successful – our cookies were edible and delicious, but didn’t look very appetising haha. By the end of the session, we also puked at the smell of the cookies.

I really admire cooks and chefs because I don’t know how they can tahan the smell of food for the entire day. But I suppose they are sensitized to the smell. My sis works at this Jap restaurant hours per day during holidays and comes home smelling fishy every night. And I mean really fishy. She smells like she bathes in a tub of dead fishes haha. Again, she can’t smell herself so of course she doesn’t think or know that she actually does stink after work.

I’d a good start this morning though cause my bus was really ancient haha. I love these kind of buses that SMRT still carries. I think it’s very cute and 复古. It’s the super old-style SMRT bus with old-school seats and bells, and looks like it will fall apart halfway on the road haha. But of course it won’t! In fact, it’s even air-conditioned unlike those lao pok 74 non-aircon buses that I always thought I’m very suay if one happens to come. Anyway the bus was very empty (a lot of people are on leave till the start of 2008 *jealous*) and I got a nice seat by the window. I don’t know about you but simple things like this can brighten up my day. 🙂

When I came to work, I’d a satisfying breakfast with my colleagues at Office Below (we are slackers haha!) and my colleague passed me 2 Christmas gifts! 🙂 So sweet of them. They earn even lesser than me but they have been very nice and generous to me. Really cool people. And I’m not saying this because they bought me gifts. There are people who know how to share and people who don’t. Those who share might not be rich and those who don’t share might not be poor. It’s all in the heart. While I don’t necessarily hold anything against the latter, I appreciate friends who fall into the first category. 🙂 I wanted to buy gifts from them too but I ended up staying at home during my leave -_-.

After this year’s Christmas, now I’ve some pretty good ideas for gifts for the next Christmas haha! 请拭目以待! Anyway I bought myself a very cool stack of cards this Christmas haha! If you see the photos below, you’ll understand why I just had to buy it when I first laid my eyes on it!

It’s playing cards with a different cocktails on each card! Which means there is a total of 52 drinks in the pack! Martinis, cosmopolitans, you name it, the cards have it. I’m sooo fascinated with the drinks cards! They all look sooo yummy!

Moreover, the recipe for each drink is stated on the card! Not that I’ll learn how to do my own cocktail (can’t imagine that though – it’s like giving a suicidal person a knife. I might have to check myself into a rehab like all the Hollywood It girl, but “they tried to make me go to rehab, I said no no no” haha) but just how cool is that!

So cool that I don’t bear to use it yet haha.

Wah, this video nearly made me laugh till my jaws drop!

The 棒棒堂 didis are craaazzzzyyyyy!

But I like hahaha….Enjoy!

The funny part starts from about 2:48min onwards. 🙂


These guys are cute, even though a tad too young for me haha. Aged from 18 to 25 (even though the majority are 20 or 21), 棒棒堂 is the hottest pop group in the Chinese music industry.

Did I hear “老牛吃嫩草”?


我不是牛,我是猪!*oink oink*

Ok, I’ve been K.O-ed haha.

Went to Bugis Junction to meet my girls last evening to do some shopping before heading to Central for dinner with the rest of the gang. Being the earliest again, I went to the ladies to preen up first. It was the washroom besides Charles & Keith on the first level, to be exact. As I was descending the steps, and attempting to sms SQ at the same time, I fell down and ended up sitting on the floor. It was my fault because I can’t do anything while I’m walking without screwing up and I know it. I can’t drink without a straw from a can or bottle while walking, or I’ll spill it all over myself. I can’t sms while walking, or I’ll trip. I know it, yet I did just that. So I think I pretty deserved the fall haha!

Anyway I think I fell rather gracefully haha and having done so many malu things all my life, this is hardly at the top of my most embarrassing moments! I just picked myself up immediately because I basically blocked the entire stairway by sitting there haha, and just walked away non-chalently haha. I walked into a shop nearby though, pretending to browse through the clothes because I could feel my right foot wobbling violently as I walked. Did I mention that I was wearing 3-inch heels haha? Anyway that was when the giddy spell hit and if you’ve ever felt truly dizzy before as if you are about to faint, you’ll know what I mean. You’ll start seeing black dots (or “stars” which is a very pretty name for such a frightful state haha) and feel stuffy at your chest. You’ll also start to notice that sounds around you get more and more muffled, and if you stand long enough, your vision will start to black out more and more. If you don’t sit down soon, you’ll ultimately faint.

At the instant, I panicked a bit cause there was really nowhere to sit nearby and for a moment, I wondered if I should just tell the salesgirl that I was going to faint and if she could grab me a seat haha. But my pride took a stronger grip on me. I  just anyhow grabbed a top off the shelf (even though for a few seconds, I actually looked at the top, thought it was fugly and contemplated picking another one haha but couldn’t risk it as I really felt terrible haha), and headed for the changing room. Lucky for me, I didn’t faint before there was a vacant room and ta-dah, there was actually a plush red stool to sit on in the room! After 5 minutes, I was feeling a-okay again, but I couldn’t deny it anymore – I sprained my ankle.

The last time I sprained my ankle, I also felt dizzy haha. I guess the pain is too much for my body, even if I don’t really feel it because my pain threshold is high. Anyway, not wanting to spoil the night, I actually managed to shop with the girls for 2 hours, had dinner at Central for another 1.5 hours and then walked over to Clarke Quay for some drinks. It wasn’t until the last part at Lunar, where we didn’t manage to score seats because we didn’t make booking in advance (but well we didn’t even plan to go there in the first place) and had to stand. After 3o minutes, the giddy spell hit again and I finally headed home. 😛

Anyway back to  the highlights of the night, other than my sprain haha, we’d dinner at this Japanese restaurant, Edogawa Teppanyaki at the Central. I really like this restaurant because it’s not overly crowded like Waraku (which although has a very extensive menu and delicious food, is too noisy like some market) and great for friends’ gatherings if you want to chat instead of shout. We got a table by the window which overlooked the Singapore River and the bustling Clarke Quay across the river. Lovely. 🙂 The menu is a bit limited and more expensive, but the promotional set meals are very worthwhile! Each set is only $14.80 now and comprises of several yummy dishes!

As you can see, each set consists of about 8 small dishes – of which I love the beef (medium and super tender! *drool*), the bean sprouts (what can I say, I’m low maintenance haha) and the garlic fried rice! I don’t eat sashimi hehe but from the way my girls gobbled up theirs and mine, it must taste good! Eh, didn’t manage to take a lot of food because the food looked too tasty! Had to eat!
















before the garlic fried rice, miso soup and fruits arrived….















 after everything has been gobbled by the 5 hungry monsters…











3 of us 🙂


Didn’t manage to take a group photo as my battery died -_-

But before all that, we were actually taking crazy photos with my camera functions haha:















picking out the red….

Now the green stands out…

then the blue wants attention too…

damn I’m wearing brown so no action…

it’s Hungry Ghosts’ Festival in December (O_o)

*gasp* now she has turned blue! What’s happening?!

Yes, D, we know that the kettle is blue -_-















And yes, the plates are green. The leaves are green, just like your dress.

And Cyn got me a Christmas present! A very sweet mug from Precious Moments that has my birth month at the bottom of the mug! Thanks, babe *muacks* Can’t bear to use it to hold pens though haha…too precious!















Glad that the girls like what I bought for them too haha. Guess I pick this habit from my mummy who loves to buy gifts for her friends too. We simply enjoy giving and don’t necessarily expect anything in return. Nothing material at least. We just hope that the other knows that he or she is loved by us, and of course, hope that they feel the same way about us. No obligations though haha.

And I picked this fantastic book from Kinokuniya too!

Yes, it’s Philip Pullman‘s “His Dark Materials“, from which the movie “The Golden Compass” is adapted from! I caught the movie, quite enjoyed it (even though the Harry Potter series is still the bestest haha) and am sure that the book will even be better (as usual). Now that I’m trapped at home for at least the next couple of days anyway, glad that reading the book is now a good past-time! 🙂

Have fun this Christmas, people, and watch the steps! 😉 

Looks like these 2 people have been watching too much of Prison Break and reading too much of Stephen King haha. Maybe they are Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield wannabes haha.

Who would wanna be Wentworth when he looks sooo fine?

From Source:

Two jail inmates at the Union County Jail in New Jersey, USA have successfully attempted a prison break, reminiscent of one in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” (adapted from a novel, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” by King).

They used at least two improvised tools – a thick metal wire like those used to bind chain link fences to poles, and a 10-pound steel water shut-off wheel – to remove cinderblocks from the wall. The thick wire was used to scrape away mortar around a cinderblock in the wall between their cells, and then around a cinderblock in an exterior wall in Espinosa’s cell that faced busy rail tracks. The shut-off wheel was used to crush the cinderblocks so they could be hidden in the cells. They also laid out pillows and sheets to make it look like men were sleeping under blankets, authorities said.

(:P detailed pictures taken from PITNB)

Just like the main character in the movie, also an inmate, they used posters of bikini-clad women to hide the hole they used to escape! They successfully squeezed through the openings sometime before dawn last Saturday in a high-security unit of the jail, jumped onto a rooftop below, and made it over a 25-foot-high fence topped with razor wire. Once they landed on the railroad easement outside the fence, they ran in opposite directions. The police are still searching for the two men, one who was awaiting sentencing for manslaughter in a drive-by shooting, and the other facing robbery and other charges in the shooting of convenience store manager.

These two cunning men also took the effort to leave behind a thank-you note, signed with a smiley face, for a guard they claimed helped them. The note, found in one of their cells, read, “Thank you Officer … for the tools needed. You’re a real pal. Happy holidays.

I bet this is just a set-up they did to frame an officer they didn’t quite like during the short period of time they were kept behind bars (they were there for only a few weeks so they must have been very quick to plan this escape) haha. If the officer alleged is truly innocent, then I hope that he can successfully wash away all these harmful accusations.

This is actually the first prison break since the jail opened in 1986! It’s a bit hard to believe since it doesn’t seem to take a lot for these 2 convicts to escape, whether it’s regarding time taken, tools used or efforts made haha. Moreover, the movie was released in 1994 and the novel itself in 1982! Even the TV series “Prison Break” was first aired in 2005. And all this time no one seriously  attempted jailbreak and got lucky?

Oh, Wentworth Miller is too hot so I just have to post another picture haha. That’s all.

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