I think some people really need to learn anger management. They can snap at you just because they are tired or busy. As if I don’t have feelings.

If the person irritates you or bothers you with unimportant matters even though he or she knows that you are very stressed or tired, then it’s another thing – maybe this person deserves to be scolded.

But is it fair if we don’t know that you don’t want to talk if it’s not written on your forehead, and you just snap at us as if we are at fault?

And have I ever brushed others away rudely just because I’m busy or tired? That’s unless you are a salesperson or surveyor, of course. Otherwise, I will inform the person that I’m too busy to talk and lets chat another time. Why is it that when you want to talk, I must talk to you or you’ll be unhappy, and when it’s the other way, I get reprimanded? 

I think people do what they do and hurt others because they never think about how they’ll feel if they are put into others’ shoes. Why do people always think about themselves first?