This is Bryan / Brian (not sure how to spell his name).

He’s the little boy who opened the car door for the Groom when the party of cars arrived at the Bride’s 娘家.

I’m so glad that Ser got him because he was a brilliant source of joy and laughter in the morning. Initially, she had settled for her sister’s friend’s brother (I think) who is *gasp* 18 (I think) and definitely not little at all. We protested vigorously after hearing about it 1 week before the big day itself because car boys are supposed to be small and cute, not 18 years old haha. We were delighted that she took our suggestion to ask a neighbour for help. Bryan’s the 7-year-old grandson of a neighbour living a few doors away from Ser.

When he first came in the morning, which was about 7am, clearly he had just woken up, mostly likely forced to wake up by his grandma. You could see from his face that he still wanted to catch more zzz haha. He probably didn’t really know what was going on and what was going to happen, except that Ser 姐姐 was getting married that morning and he was supposed to go downstairs and open some car door. He looked sian sian, his lids are heavy, his eyes were puffy and barely opened. He took a hashbrown and nibbled on it while sinking into the sofa that looked gigantic compared to him. He had looked like he might just fall asleep halfway through his breakfast.

I was a bit worried because I was supposed to bring him downstairs when the time came, and I’ve never done it before, let alone with a child whom I was meeting for the first time. He looked a bit quiet and I feared having him break into tears later on when he would be surrounded by many more unfamiliar faces. I asked him if he knew how to open a car door (I even demostrated, only to be mocked by fellow 姐妹s that I was showing how to turn a door knob haha. Opening a car door should be an upward force haha *sheepish*) and he nodded.

By 730am when the groom was about to arrive, I tried to have him warmed up to me by asking him questions like his outfit. He was wearing this Spiderman T-shirt and a matching shirt outside. So cute. He chirpped that he wanted to wear his Hot Wheels one but Ah-ma thought Spiderman was better hahaha.


10 minutes later when we made our way down, he was already blabbering non-stop to the videocamera that the videographer was shooting us with. When he saw the Mazda RX8 that EK was patiently sitting in, he exclaimed very loudly, eyes wide open, “Wah, sports car ah! 我也要!” hahah. After he opened the door, he could still hardly keep his eyes from the beauty and told me very loudly (you know how children always talk quite loudly haha) that he wanted to take photos with it as well because the photographers and videographer were all shooting it. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

He never stopped chattering since then haha. Like a radio that can’t be switched off once it’s on. All the way up, he kept me amused. The groom gave him an angbao and I asked him what he would buy with this money. The sensible boy actually decided to put it into his bank account! I further asked him how much he has in his account and he said a thousand. “So you want to use this $1000 to buy a sports car?” He agreed happily haha. Kids are so funny.

In the apartment, no one could keep him in place while we waited for EK and gang to come up. One moment he wanted to play with Topsy (Ser’s doggie) and another moment he was playing Uno with the bride in her room haha. The most memorable and absolutely tickling moment was at the last stage of the games when the groom had to answer 4 questions regarding the bride (including her shoe size, her PSLE score, the names of all the 姐妹s). Anyway he managed to get ALL wrong and the gang was treated to “good” food by us. We are very kind people,ok. The “delicious” food was labeled “biscuit“, “chocolate“, “cocktail” and “shot” – wasabi-coated crackers (we broke into laughter when we heard the guys say “yeah, kaya biscuits“), real Meiji chocolate (which the groom found it impossibly easy initially but after the first bite, realised that it was 99.9% cocoa and bitter as hell), pure lemon juice (which was disgustingly sour and bitter at the same time) and undiluted Ribena concetrate respectively! No doubt the guys had numerous packets of drink just to down the food hehe. We are totally relieved that we are girls and never need to be tortured punished like that. We are always the one who tortures punishes haha!

The last question was what the bride liked about him. EK replied loudly without any pause, “Because I’m HANDSOME!!!!” At this point, an innocent but deafening loud laughter exploded abruptly! Bryan had came into the living room unnoticed and was laughing heartily at EK’s self-declaration! He looked totally amused. We paused for a moment in astonishment and then everyone exploded into crazy laughter too! It was the most hilarious situation I’ve ever been in. 🙂 

This scene is in the final video screened during the dinner. I wish I could upload it to share with everyone too haha. Kids really do the darnest things but because of the innocence of the acts, they’re the sweetest thing of all. 🙂 Bryan has made an excellent car boy. He had lightened up the atmosphere unconsciously, yet easily. How can you not like children, honestly?

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(siao liao!)