Wah just read Kenny Sia’s most recent blog entry “Twenty Four Things I Did When I Was Twenty Four” and it’s a bit depressing (at least for me) after I read it.

I’m slightly more than 2 months into my 24th year of life and what have I done that’s significant?

Hmm let me see…*racking my brain*

Ok, nothing! (T_T)

Don’t believe? Let’s compare…

Kenny Sia has done the following:

1. Learnt to scuba-dive.

Hmm I don’t really have much skills except studying. I was really good at memorising stuff. I even had photographic memory of all pages in my textbooks. But these days ever since I left school, my memory declines to the extent where I worry about having dementia and Alzheimer. I keep placing important things at 非常安全的地方and subsequently can’t remember where these places are. -_- I keep repeating stuff to people cause I can’t recall if I’ve told them previously. Apparently most of the time, I’ve. It irritates my sis to hell haha.

I used to be quite good at sports (volleyball team, remember??) but it’s been eons since I last worked out seriously and the only exercise I do these days is yoga (1 hour per week only somemore). I need to catch my breath just climbing up 8 levels of stairs at work! Now, I can’t even study like before! Too long never study…

I haven’t pick up any muscial instrument like how I said I wanted to months ago. *guilt* And I don’t even want to learn driving as yet cause there won’t be any car for me to drive at the moment anyway. Sounds silly to many people but very practical to me. How many of you has driven a car after getting your licence? I would say practically none and none of these people would dare to drive even if you give them a car now. So I want to learn only when I start to save up for my car (that’s if I can ever ever afford one).

This reminds me of all those 校花校草 TV contests where the contestants are always asked to perform their 才艺表演 and they’ll sing/dance/play guitar or piano (I honestly don’t think much of catwalking as a form of 才艺). My sis always says that we’ll have no 才艺表演 to do! Well, I can blow the recorder but my sis said it doesn’t count cause all primary school children in Singapore can do that too. -_- But recently, I realised that I can whistle and not everyone can, so I insist that it’s a talent (I don’t care).

Oh, I just recall (see, my memory’s really that bad)! I have learnt how to rollerblade! Ok, strictly speaking, I’m still learning because I’ve only used my blades once since I bought them in Aug. But hey, I’ve 10 more months to learn! 🙂

Hmm I never realise that I can go on for so long talking about my lack of skills haha.

2. Learnt to play chess.

wahahah I already knew how to play chess. Though well, *shifting my feet* I’ve forgotten (cue: bad memory) about International chess but well, at least I’ve learnt before.

3. Saw the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza.

I’ve seen and eaten the famous fried nonya bak chang. Does this count? They look like pyramids what, taste magnificent somemore.

pyramids, bak chang 傻傻分不清楚

4. Stayed at the ultra-luxurious Venetian Macao Resort during their grand opening.

Erm I stayed in Gallery Hotel recently and went to Sheraton last weekend. Also very grand what (by my standards).

5. Swallowed the beating heart of a king cobra, and washed it down with a dose of snake blood in Vietnam.

Hmm I don’t really eat raw food. Let’s see. I think I nearly swallowed a big black ant by accident when eating rambutans months ago. It was climbing happily on the hairy rambutan (that’s why I couldn’t spot it) when I used my teeth to peel it. The terrified ant bit my tongue and I squashed it alive.  

6. Met and shook hands with The Black Eyed Peas in Thailand, then got a media pass to watch their concert live.

I got to see Jolin’s G-boobs in concert.

7. Witnessed a fatal car accident for the first time.

That’s something which I’m glad to not have accomplished. -_-

8. Sponsored a World Vision child.

Oh I donated blood for the nth time in Aug. Time for my next donation soon! 🙂

9. Made my first reality TV show appearance in Nescafe Kickstart. Dance instructor Joo Nee Oh engaged my support, and she ended up winning the contest and RM250,000 richer.

I was in a video for the first time last Saturday when we were the 姐妹s for Ser’s Big Day.

10. Signed up for a 12-month exclusive deal with Nuffnang, signalling the beginning of the most significant revolution in Malaysian blog-based advertising.

I just finished 12 months of my 2-year contract on 16 Oct. My first job. 🙂

11. Went on Deal or No Deal. Won the most pathetic amount possible.

Bought my first Toto and 4D. Didn’t win anything. Damn.

12. Watched WWE wrestlers beat the crap out of each other live in Singapore.

Not a fan of WWF, so this is not my fault.

13. Spoke to JJ and Rudy from Hitz.fm Morning Crew and helped them out with their Johor Flood Relief campaign.

Those stuck in the Singapore floods didn’t need my help to get out of them, so once again, not my fault.

14. Became an uncle to my sister’s third child, baby girl Lecia.

I would be petrified if any of my sisters makes me an aunt now -_-

I’ll make her into minced meat.

15. Gained a sister-in-law.

My sis will get jailed if she gives me a sister-in-law haha.

16. Was invited to give a presentation on blogging on several occasions. My most memorable ones are at DiGi headquarters, SEGi College and Swinburne University Kuching.

I helped my boss prepare presentations. Eh, not an easy job ok? Try doing slides in Mandarin.

One day, I’ll be the one giving presentations. Hrmph.

17. Met many new friends whom I’ve grown very close to.

Finally something that I can relate to! I’ve made a few good friends at work and that’s good. But something that’s worth to be much happier about is that I’ve grown closer to all my friends in general. 🙂 还是旧的好!

18. Became a hamster pet owner.

Almost wanted to buy some hamsters but decided not to because their life span is too short and I don’t like to see animals dying.

Cute little ball of fluff

19. Fell in love.

Ok, I didn’t. But at least I didn’t fall out of any. haha! *triumph*

20. Lost 5kg. Gained back 7kg.

Aha! I gained 3kg! 10 months later, it might be 7! *cross my fingers and pray not*

21. Began to set aside some money for my future.

The amount of money in my bank currently is the largest amount I’ve ever had in my life so far. Even if it just passed the 3-digit mark. 😉

22. Climbed Malaysia’s highest mountain.

Darn, I didn’t climb Singapore’s highest mountain hill recently. I’ll go climb soon. Suddenly remember that the girls have said that they want to climb it. *shake head at my bad memory*

23. Ran Malaysia’s longest bridge in a 42km marathon.

Ok, I’ve not run a single marathon ever since JC, and I haven’t run more than 2.4km in the past 2 years (see #1). The only marathon that I’d paid and signed up was the Mizuno 2007. And I decided not to go 6 hours before the marathon because I was too lazy to wake up at 4am. In the end, no one went because it rained heavily in the wee morning haha.

24. Had a simple birthday celebration on a quiet suite by the seaside, enjoying the company of my few loved ones.

One of my wishes is to book a hotel suite or go for a holiday at some quiet countryside with my family and just relax. Because they love me so much, most of the time I really want the best for them. I’m still working hard and 等久就有.

For a birthday celebration though, my ideal one is lotsa alcohol, R&B, my girls and just party haha!

So what would my life be considered as then?

Well, 平凡是幸福。平凡对很多人来说得来不易,但我天生平凡。