The post-wedding feeling is making me feel kinda weird and perhaps a little empty.

For weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for this and that. Especially the scrapbook making which spanned over weeks, and all the last minute shopping for dresses, shoes and accessories we did up till the day before the big day itself. The time we spent thinking of the games to play on the groom and his brothers and preparation of the items.

In fact, we didn’t really rest until the dinner was over. Some of us were receptionists for the dinner, some were the MCs, some helped to dress the bride before and during the dinner. In fact, Diz and I were the latter. We’d to go up to the suite to help Ser into her evening gown at the 2nd course. Which we later discovered, minutes after the dinner was about to start at 830pm and we finally went in to take our seats before the march-in of the newly wed couple, that the 2nd dish was our favourite and something I would rather die than to miss. Shark’s fin hahah.  

We were so disappointed cause we really didn’t want to skip this dish. So Diz said we could finish it before going up with Ser. To which I agreed and reminded her that I can gulp down a bowl of shark’s fin in less than 1 minute anyway. Everyone instantly recalled the previous time we were at this $10 KTV at Chinatown which offered complimentary shark’s fin (not genuine of course haha) and I downed not one but TWO bowls before the rest finished theirs, and all laughed in agreement. 🙂

I also tried to persuade everyone else how it’s not environmental to eat shark’s fin because of the cruelty incurred to the sharks as the fins are cut from living sharks and the finless sharks are then thrown back into the sea where the finless sharks, unable to move, die from suffocation or are eaten by other sharks or animals. I told them how I would take their sins for them by eating their share of shark’s fin as a form of noble act, but apparently nobody was stupid enough to fall for the trick my friends are all sinners *tsk tsk*.

My beloved shark’s fin came and we waited patiently as the cute waiter (but very very young) filled up each small bowl and served to us. He was very cute and polite, but he was also very slow, probably due to lack of experience. Half of the time, we wanted to take things into our own hands, but remembering that we had to be glam and 淑女 at all times that night, we didn’t.

When my bowl of shark’s fin finally reached my hands (and definitely could never escape from my clutches wahahaha), I rapidly snatched the pepper shaker (Diz took the vinegar at lightening speed too) and put loadsa pepper on my shark’s fin like how I always like it. I was about to put the first spoonful into my mouth and savour the familiar tastiness of it, when Diz said in a mixture of amusement, desperation and gan-cheongness that we’d to go up now! Indeed, I turned around and spotted the couple making their way out of the ballroom. My heart sank like I forgot to buy 4D and the numbers came out in the top prize.

We quickly made the girls cross their hearts and promise to safeguard our beloved shark’s fin, kissed it goodbye for the time being and ran after the couple. Honestly not exactly glam haha. We went up, dressed the bride as quickly as we could and ran (yes we really ran along the hallway) to the lift. Ser wanted us to go down as soon as we dressed her because she didn’t want us to miss the video of the day event. But actually the two of us could only think about the 2 bowls of shark’s fin waiting for us downstairs haha.  

the crazy-about-shark’s fin 姐妹s

Yes, it had been a very fun day. I guess this kind of emptiness, especially because we’ve to go back to work (yawn), is normal. Meanwhile, back to work *incessant yawning*.