I asked myself if what I always thought I wanted is honestly what I really want.

Can’t I bend? Or am I simply good at making excuses for myself?

But can I just take it?

Yet, if I really manage to, is it still good enough?

How would I know if someone else won’t come along one day and just take it from me, like how I had taken it from another person in the first place?

Why do I want it now when I didn’t want it years ago?

Have I changed? Or is it because everything, everyone has changed as well?

The Earth is still spinning. Time is still slipping. Things change, don’t they? 

Should I pursue, or should I just leave it?

Perhaps I’m empty. That’s why I’m having these thoughts.

No doubt with a little bit of time, this will fade. As always, as usual.

Yes, it will. It will.