Well, need I say more…just look at my face haha!

Yesterday was a fantastic day, a once-in-the-lifetime experience. Of course there will be more of this coming in the future but this is the very first and there can only be ONE single first time haha.

It was indeed an extremely happy occasion despite being dead tired by the end of the day (with the help of some wine as well). You can’t help being tired if you have to be wide awake by 5am (that’s for the rest cause I made myself wake up at 4am) so that you can bathe, doll up and be at the bride’s place by 630am. And once we reached the bride’s place, there was barely time to take some light breakfast (McDonalds with courtesy of the bride) before hurriedly preparing for the games to play once the groom and his gang of brothers arrived. Even making things difficult for them was tiring haha. The rest of the day was pretty much spent on running from place to place.

But this is one of the rare occasions when one is both happy and tired at the same time haha 🙂 Although I don’t really feel tired when I’m happy. That is until I reach home haha. In fact, I slept till 3pm this afternoon and only woke up when my mum came and ga-jiao me.

The 姐妹s with the prettiest bride  

Here is a sneak preview of the millions of pictures we took that day. I swear it was as if we were getting married ourselves haha. The cameras and the posing never stopped and the smiles never left our faces 🙂 See, still smiling haha. Will post more pictures when I’ve everything. Hopefully I can put up the video of the day event too haha. The video which was put together and screened at the dinner was brilliant! It was modern, sweet and funny! I would greatly recommend that videographer to anyone who is getting married! Even though there was some minor drama that night before dinner when he was caught in a very bad traffic jam, which almost everyone else (except the Hougang gang) actually dio-ed, together with the video, so there was a point of time when we thought he couldn’t make it. But he did (yeah) and we all agreed that the wait was worth it. 🙂  

The wonderful night was full of beautiful memories that I could never ever finish in just one blog entry. So till next time…


P.S. Pardon if some of us looked a bit siao. You put 8 姐妹s at a table and after a glass or two of wine (although there was this particular one who had 3 and subsequently broke a wine glass into 3 pieces with her bare hand, without realising it haha), you’ll get lotsa giggling and 三八-ing. Nothing more that accomplishes a fun night out than all your closest friends, good food and of course, wine. 🙂