I hadn’t been sleeping very well for the past 2 nights. I kept waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Just opened my eyes and woke up. *snap* Just like that. As if someone just flipped my wake-up switch and I woke up. I would check the clock and it was not yet 630am at which the alarm was set. It’s really kinda frustrating because disrupted sleep is very unsatisfactory.

So for the past 2 mornings, I woke up feeling quite grouchy, desiring to stay in bed and just sleep. But this morning, my friend made me fully wide awake by smsing me a very special message at 7:06am. It went something like “I’m getting married this Dec!”. O_O *deng* Eyes wide open immediately, with sleep being the last thing on my mind.

I’m utterly thoroughly absolutely 100% surprised! Because I met up with her just less than 2 months ago and she didn’t mention it at all! I don’t think she knew she would be getting married then cause I’m pretty sure that she would have told us. That put aside, I never have thought that she will marry young (I would think that 24 years old is considered young in modern days) because she had always seemed more career-oriented. Although I use past tense because I now realise when I talked to her recently, I don’t feel the same way anymore. She has seemed to talk more about marriage and babies haha. But still, she has chosen a very time-consuming job so I really didn’t think that she would consider marriage as yet. Besides, she has only known her husband-to-be for maybe just more than a year? Time (and age) actually won’t be a concern for me, but many would have thought it to be too short. Maybe I just didn’t know that she thinks the same as I do haha.     

Of course I’m happy for her! I remember just a year or two ago when she was still single and we would worry together how we might be left on the shelf! And she had seriously worried haha! Because of her job (and her expectations hehe), it’d seemed to her that Mr Right might not come in the near future. Who knows that she would meet him through her friend’s boyfriend soon later and subsequently marry him very soon as well!   

It’s true how Fate is a very strange thing. If you had asked her 2 years ago if she would think of marrying at the age of 24, she would have laughed it off. I would have shaken my head at that too haha. But it had just come unannounced and unexpected, and simply swept her off her feet just like that. You can’t control it. You can’t predict it. It would come when it’s supposed to come. The big question that always troubles us old maids is, what if it doesn’t come.

*shudder at the thought*