My colleagues are doing the enviable job of being the human shredders now. The evil HOD has required them to clear a room full of documents that do not belong to them and are none of their business. And when I mean a room of documents, it’s literally so many documents that they fill up the whole room.

These documents need not be archived, nor can they be simply dumped into the recycling bin cause there’s too much confidential information on them. They need to be shredded before they can be dumped and our stupid department doesn’t have a shredding machine. So now my colleagues (all girls) are temporary 搬运工人and human shredders. They’ve worked on it since yesterday afternoon and now they are still shredding.

And they are threatening to lit a match stick and start a bon fire on the paper shreds that are beginning to form a mountain. I hope that they won’t do it cause the smoke will set off the smoke detector and it’ll start to rain cats and dogs in the office and I’ve already washed my precious hair this morning.  

But to look on the bright side, they have a perfect excuse not to work at all today. While I’ve to pretend to be busy in order to not do any work (that itself is a tiring job). Now, that’s enviable.