Every morning on my way to the bus stop behind my block to take the bus to work, I’ll see this little girl who lives 2 blocks away from mine. She on the other hand is on her way to school. She studies at the PAP kindergarten at my block. That would make her 5 or 6 years old, but I’m guessing 5. So every weekday morning, we’ll cross each other’s path and she’s always accompanied by her maid and one of her younger sisters.

So why mention her? There must be at least 50 kids studying at that kindergarten and every morning, I’ve to fight my way through the screaming and running kids at the void deck. It’s barely 8am in the morning. Where do all these kids find their energy from?? I must be old haha. And if I’m on leave at home, I will know exactly when they’re having their playtime and when their school ends. You need to be deaf to not hear their excited screams and loud chattering. It’s just like an public announcement haha.

But I like this little girl best because she’s the cutest of them all. I’m so superficial haha, but she’s really one of the most adorable children I’ve ever seen! She has nice big round eyes, a cute button nose and a small mouth with red lips. She has a nicely cut fringe, not so short until it looks toot, and a short bob with shiny fine black hair. I think children are really the greatest work of Nature. A lot of times I look at their faces and see an angel in each of them, so pure and innocent and happy. That’s when they are not screaming or crying or running around like mad or slapping me with their tiny hands thinking that it’s funny.

She’s also obedient and 斯文, never running around or talking loudly like a siao char bor. Just like me when I was a child, I was and still am a very civilized person haha. There was once when I walked past and she had just arrived at the void deck. A friend saw her, called her name excitedly, walked over to her and the two just gave each other a BIG hug. That was like awwww, so endearing haha!

And the “unfair” thing is she and her 2 younger sisters are carbon copies of one another! Her maid always brings just one of the younger sisters along every morning (I guess she won’t be able to handle 3 kids on her own) and I identify the younger ones only by their size or length of hair haha. The younger one can already walk, though not very steady (probably about 2 years old), and have slightly longer hair. The youngest one is probably barely 1 year old (still botak!) and still needs to be carried. Otherwise all 3 of them are exact replicas! That’s like triple the cuteness! Oh, what a family!

The interesting thing is that I saw their dad once. I guess he was having an off day and brought the girls to school instead of the maid doing so. Now, that’s a good daddy haha. But their dad isn’t even remotely near cute. He’s kinda fair and plump (白白胖胖) but looks pretty 斯文 too. Maybe he has a heart of gold, that’s why his kids are all so pretty. Either that or his wife is gorgeous haha.  

One of my colleagues is pregnant (she just got married in Aug!) and the rest of us (besides those who are already mums themselves) are so excited for her! Yesterday we were talking about maternity wear and for the first time, I  discovered the existence of maternity jeans! Never knew that such jeans exist though I still think it’s better to wear dresses as it’ll be more comfy without having any waistband over the expanding tummy.

I actually look forward to donning maternity wear haha. In contrast to the old idea that maternity wear is fugly and terribly unfashionable, nowdays the maternity wear is very hip and pretty! I don’t think about finding a boyfriend, let alone marriage, and I think about having babies…hmm, my sequence of life is very wrong!