I’ve come to realise recently that I might be a picky eater after my colleagues commented that 你什么都不吃. Which is what I’ve never thought of myself as.

It’s true that there are several types of food that I don’t eat at all. Like tomatoes, brinjals, ladyfingers, capsicums, sashimi, yogurt, milk, half-boiled eggs, bittergourds, peppermint ice cream (peppermint sweets are okay), just to name a few. Opps looks like a lot instead. But these are food that either I’ve tried and didn’t like the taste (tomatoes, yucks!), or find the thought of eating them disgusting (half-boiled eggs is a no-no for me).

And I’m a stubborn bull. If I don’t like it, I really won’t eat it. Many find my dislike for milk strange cause there are those who drink milk on a daily basis. And no, I don’t have lactose intolerance haha. But I’ve a psychological intolerance of milk – I hate anything that tastes strongly like milk. My mum said I refused to drink milk after I was 1 year old. If my ah-ma made me drink milk, I would spurt it into her face like Merlion haha. Hmm that might explain my height haha.

It’s funny though how I dislike the idea of eating eggs or fish raw because it feels very unhygienic, when I like my steak medium. Blood oozing out of the steak when I cut it doesn’t bother me but putting sashimi in my mouth does haha. That sounds weird. I think I might just be stubborn. Like how I never thought that I would ever roller blade cause I thought of it as a very dangerous sport and I would be bound to break my wrist if I ever tried. I tried it once recently, liked it and bought myself a pair of blades immediately. 😀

But anyway I’m not a picky eater! Or should I say that I’m not a fussy eater. I very seldom criticize food. To me, almost everything tastes good haha. There’s only 3 categories of food in my opinion – absolutely delicious food (which I won’t mind having every day), good food and not-so-fantastic food. And believe me, not many fall into the last one. I can barely recall any.

There are people who know where all the good food is in Singapore and have to have the best when they are, for example, planning to eat Hokkien mee. For me, I don’t give a shit. I’ll always go to the nearest food place (but also cannot be too expensive one) and just buy something that I’ll almost definitely enjoy eating even if this is the first time I’m trying it. And I can’t queue for food no matter how good it’s. I think it’s an absolute waste of time to wait more than 10 minutes for my food. Unless of course I’m queuing to go into a restaurant with my friends.

So I’m definitely not a fussy eater. Maybe I’m picky (just maybe), but I’m not fussy okay.