I’m ALL ALONE in Office Above now and it’s a very queer feeling. Where’s everyone?

All those in my room are not in and this is super unusual because it’s not a busy season (if it’s a busy season, then you won’t see them much in the office except for 9am when they come in and 6pm when they go off) for them and at least one of them is usually around. At first, I thought they went for lunch though they did disappear before 12 noon. And it’s already 330pm and they are still not seen.

Very queer indeed. I am suddenly struck by this fear that today is actually a half day and everyone has gone home except silly me (who has not been notified because I don’t receive company emails as this is not my HQ), and of course stupid JPS who can’t afford to enjoy a half day today as she has customers all day long. This fear was exacerbated just now when I peered into the opposite room and didn’t see anyone around too. But at least they really went for lunch cause I could spot some of them after lunch hours.

This morning, those in my room were discussing whether today is a half-day, which I quickly dismissed because in the public sector, we don’t get to enjoy half-days or holidays in lieu. Unlike my friends in the private sector who enjoy a half-day on public holiday eves and an extra off day on Mondays if the public holiday falls on a Sunday. This is what I call staff benefit haha.

Anyway, really very queer indeed! Are they at a course now? Anything as long as they haven’t go off haha. I’ve looked around and there are files left open on their desks like they are planning to come back. Here we don’t leave files open on the desks or desktops unlocked due to customer confidentiality. But some of them have shut down their desktops. Very unusual, very very unusual indeed.

Not that I don’t enjoy being in the office alone. It’s always great to be able to slack without anyone watching you behind your back and not realising it. Besides, I’m listening to my Hindi songs openly now, without the fear of disturbing anyone haha. I just hope that it’s not really a half-day *cross fingers*.

Oh, bringing the kids to the Science Centre this Sunday. Very excited. Haven’t seen them for exactly a month. =D