P.S. Just heard Ji Pu Sai say the funniest thing ever! Apparently she called this customer as this customer had some accident while using a new product previously and she needed to know the exact time when the accident happened. Which I did not know beforehand so the below conversation left me totally bewildered haha.

JPS (over the phone with a customer): 那时候你有用性药,对吗?

Me: *mouth open damn wide* * 性药?! *

JPS to customer: 性药后,你跌倒,对吗?

Me: *orhhhhhh* * 新药! * * you gigantic lump of fat, damn lousy English liao, Chinese also so lousy! *

JPS to customer: 所以那时候你跌倒是几时?

Customer: blah blah blah (I can’t hear over HER phone mah)

JPS to customer: Huh, 晚上ah? Wah, 这么 ah?

I was like what the fuck, what do you mean by 这么?!

It’s 这么晚 la, you goon!

Welcome to Chinese Lesson 4 by Chinese pro, Ms Su.