Small talk: Isn’t it funny how “small talk” is always really in a smaller font size? That’s literally “small” talk haha. Anyway the stupid server at work is DOWN again. I don’t understand how a BIG organisation like ours always has some problems with our server. For every minute that’s lost because of the stupid server that can’t work, do you know how many millions are lost? Ok I’ve exaggerated haha. I don’t think we really lose money, but in such a customer-oriented place like ours, how can we let something like this disrupt our proper functioning? I don’t know where all the taxpayers’ money has gone to.

Last Saturday night was a special night for us. To know one another for an average of about a decade (darn, does that make me sound old), that night definitely marked a significant moment. We’ve all known each other since we were 13 and freshly graduated from primary school. Then we stepped into further phases of life together. And now, it’s one of us who is going to enter a brand-new phase of life first, and without the rest of us together like always. But time waits for no man, and I don’t think anyone in the right mind waits for other friends to do this type of thing together haha (especially when she’s planning to take another further step when the Year of the Mouse comes haha) – when the opportunity comes, you just have to make the decision whether to take the jump. She has, and we are all happy as long as she is.

Now what can the occasion be, you might think.

Well, wait no further, it was our very first HEN NIGHT!!!


4 of us (YY SL Mrs Tan and me) checked into the hotel first, with YY’s bf Del. All thanks to him that we had the wonderful room at a very reasonable corporate rate, and more thanks for the hassle of checking in for us haha.

Once we entered the room, we went into a mad frenzy of checking out the room (not really checking out! We just checked in! Checking out as how you would check out a hot babe or dude -_-). We were so amazed of all the utilities that the room came with, especially the toiletry haha. Not only has the bathroom come with 4 pretty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body moisturizer, 2 toothbrushes and tiny tubes of toothpaste, a comb, a shaver, a nail filer, it even has a *gasp* mini sewing kit!!!

Ok, maybe I’m just sua ku haha but it was still very exciting!! We then had a crazy time sorting out what to bring home and who to bring what home haha. We decided to leave out the other 2 since they weren’t with us haha. Even the iron was not spared. Someone (might be ah siao Mrs Tan) wanted to bring home the TV set but decided not to as it was too big. We even devised of a super cleber excuse to take the ironing board out of the hotel. If spotted by a hotel staff at the lobby, we would just say (with an Indian accent and shaking of the head – that’s what I’m good at these days haha) – *pointing to the ironing board* I’m going wake boarding.

HAHAHAHAHA. Ok, we’re really siao char bors. Del spent moments aghast as we plotted our escapade with our loot haha. Of course in the end we didn’t really take anything much haha.

For hours of chitchatting, snacking and wondering for the hundredth time when the other 2 were going to come so that we could go and fill our empty stomachs, they finally arrived! And after the usual dilly-dallying of girls, we were off to Clarke Quay where we first enjoyed (well, some liked the food, some didn’t. I did, even though we came to a conclusion that everything pretty much tasted the same like they were cooked with the same gravy hahah) a pretty sumptous dinner at Riverside Indonesia Restaurant, and a cuppa at TCC, before really heading down to MoS.      


 It could have been a lot more fun at MoS (Smoove) if there were fewer guys at the dance floor. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly – fewer guys would have been good. A group of (pretty haha) girls at a club is like flowers in a desert. And I’m not kidding – the ratio might have been 30 guys to 1 girl. No matter where we ran to on the dance floor, guys would swarm from all corners and surround us. It’s like the guys there are all fixed with a babe detecting (haha) radar. *zhng zhng* Babe detected. Babe detected. 5 metres away. 20 degrees North. It was damn irritating. I don’t understand why guys have an issue of dancing with their male buddies. Does that make them look gay? Or is it because their aim of visiting clubs is to hook up with girls?

Ok, I admit if it has been a wall of Fahrenheit lookalikes (*drool*) surrounding us and dancing behind our backs (no, I don’t want to know why guys want to dance behind girls), we would have minded much less haha. *sigh* We’re so superficial haha. But honestly, we girls don’t go to a club to get picked up. We just want to have fun (and exercise haha – dancing is a good form of exercise) and those bloody, hot-blooded guys just had to spoil our fun.

We ran out of the dance floor so many times because we were beginning to feel like ham. Guys (sweaty, smelly, sticky disgusting fellows) were squashing us from all sides! Despite the great difficulty to squeeze our way in (believe me, in is always a lot harder than out. Ah, sounds obscene), we still did! Then we would rest in a guy-free (which would also mean nice-smelling) area outside for a while before attempting a squeeze-in at another spot. We always picked a different spot and the crowd around us always looked different initially, but after a while, some of the same fellows would appear around us again! Wtf.

The most ridiculous time was our last (though we didn’t know that was the last draw) attempt at enjoying ourselves (squeezing in and out of the crowd at the dance floor was NOT our way of having fun). We managed to get to this fantastic spot right in front of the DJ and it was fairly spacious. Somehow there wasn’t a lot of people dancing there cause it was right at the edge all the way inside. But gradually, we realised that the all-wonder radar had worked once again! In less than 30 minutes we were “attacked” by gross again. That was it. We headed back to the hotel.

Next morning, we had a leisure time at the buffet breakfast before checking out and going home, even though we all felt like shit having only slept 3 hours and all looked like shit too. I barely need both my hands to count the number of buffets I have had so far. It’s simply not worth the money for me to have buffet haha. The buffet’s not extensive but I’m not a picky eater, so it was fine by my standards. I did the most ridiculous thing of eating an obscene mountain of scrambled eggs (I like!) and 11 lychees (sigh, what to do. It’s my fave fruit.) to the point that I probably won’t be having any of them for the next 6 months.

Was it a success then, this hen night?

Well, as long as the bride-to-be was happy, then it was. 🙂