And a technical glitch is the reason behind the issue of multiple copies of survey invitation yesterday.

Many big bosses must have grunted their complaints, which is why the helpdesk is quick to send out an apology yesterday afternoon. They are sooo busy that even seeing so many copies of the same email in their inbox takes up too much of their time. Hey, getting pissed  does take up a few good minutes of their time, ok? They could have spent those precious few minutes, like, going to the toilet to pee or scratching their hairy armpits. Can’t possibly work with a full bladder or itchy underarms, right.

Probably trying to recover some of the points which they lost yesterday when everyone was bombarded all of a sudden like Pearl Harbour haha.


Oh, and my disgusting colleague Ji Pu Sai came back from her overseas conference yesterday. Darn, happy times never last long, do they?

If everything happens for a reason, then the reason of her being my colleague must be for me to learn 101 ways of cursing a person and to realise that this type of plain cursing will never work.