November 2007

I think some people really need to learn anger management. They can snap at you just because they are tired or busy. As if I don’t have feelings.

If the person irritates you or bothers you with unimportant matters even though he or she knows that you are very stressed or tired, then it’s another thing – maybe this person deserves to be scolded.

But is it fair if we don’t know that you don’t want to talk if it’s not written on your forehead, and you just snap at us as if we are at fault?

And have I ever brushed others away rudely just because I’m busy or tired? That’s unless you are a salesperson or surveyor, of course. Otherwise, I will inform the person that I’m too busy to talk and lets chat another time. Why is it that when you want to talk, I must talk to you or you’ll be unhappy, and when it’s the other way, I get reprimanded? 

I think people do what they do and hurt others because they never think about how they’ll feel if they are put into others’ shoes. Why do people always think about themselves first?


*yeah* Just spend $10 and I get to kiss Elvin!!!

8 days Car Boot Flea Market

If I pay $100, I can kiss him *using fingers to count* TEN times!

They say can only kiss his cheeks but I’m sure there’ll be absurd fans who will attempt to kiss his *blush* lips anyway. *muacks*

Oh poor Elvin. Won’t his face “rot” (because I don’t want his pretty face to really rot) by the end of the day? He’s like the reverse of The Frog Prince – he’s the handsome prince kissed by many frogs who try to be princesses haha. *oh so mean*

But wait, who are you kidding?

That guy in the photo doesn’t even look like Elvin!

8 days, you cheater bug!

This is Bryan / Brian (not sure how to spell his name).

He’s the little boy who opened the car door for the Groom when the party of cars arrived at the Bride’s 娘家.

I’m so glad that Ser got him because he was a brilliant source of joy and laughter in the morning. Initially, she had settled for her sister’s friend’s brother (I think) who is *gasp* 18 (I think) and definitely not little at all. We protested vigorously after hearing about it 1 week before the big day itself because car boys are supposed to be small and cute, not 18 years old haha. We were delighted that she took our suggestion to ask a neighbour for help. Bryan’s the 7-year-old grandson of a neighbour living a few doors away from Ser.

When he first came in the morning, which was about 7am, clearly he had just woken up, mostly likely forced to wake up by his grandma. You could see from his face that he still wanted to catch more zzz haha. He probably didn’t really know what was going on and what was going to happen, except that Ser 姐姐 was getting married that morning and he was supposed to go downstairs and open some car door. He looked sian sian, his lids are heavy, his eyes were puffy and barely opened. He took a hashbrown and nibbled on it while sinking into the sofa that looked gigantic compared to him. He had looked like he might just fall asleep halfway through his breakfast.

I was a bit worried because I was supposed to bring him downstairs when the time came, and I’ve never done it before, let alone with a child whom I was meeting for the first time. He looked a bit quiet and I feared having him break into tears later on when he would be surrounded by many more unfamiliar faces. I asked him if he knew how to open a car door (I even demostrated, only to be mocked by fellow 姐妹s that I was showing how to turn a door knob haha. Opening a car door should be an upward force haha *sheepish*) and he nodded.

By 730am when the groom was about to arrive, I tried to have him warmed up to me by asking him questions like his outfit. He was wearing this Spiderman T-shirt and a matching shirt outside. So cute. He chirpped that he wanted to wear his Hot Wheels one but Ah-ma thought Spiderman was better hahaha.


10 minutes later when we made our way down, he was already blabbering non-stop to the videocamera that the videographer was shooting us with. When he saw the Mazda RX8 that EK was patiently sitting in, he exclaimed very loudly, eyes wide open, “Wah, sports car ah! 我也要!” hahah. After he opened the door, he could still hardly keep his eyes from the beauty and told me very loudly (you know how children always talk quite loudly haha) that he wanted to take photos with it as well because the photographers and videographer were all shooting it. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

He never stopped chattering since then haha. Like a radio that can’t be switched off once it’s on. All the way up, he kept me amused. The groom gave him an angbao and I asked him what he would buy with this money. The sensible boy actually decided to put it into his bank account! I further asked him how much he has in his account and he said a thousand. “So you want to use this $1000 to buy a sports car?” He agreed happily haha. Kids are so funny.

In the apartment, no one could keep him in place while we waited for EK and gang to come up. One moment he wanted to play with Topsy (Ser’s doggie) and another moment he was playing Uno with the bride in her room haha. The most memorable and absolutely tickling moment was at the last stage of the games when the groom had to answer 4 questions regarding the bride (including her shoe size, her PSLE score, the names of all the 姐妹s). Anyway he managed to get ALL wrong and the gang was treated to “good” food by us. We are very kind people,ok. The “delicious” food was labeled “biscuit“, “chocolate“, “cocktail” and “shot” – wasabi-coated crackers (we broke into laughter when we heard the guys say “yeah, kaya biscuits“), real Meiji chocolate (which the groom found it impossibly easy initially but after the first bite, realised that it was 99.9% cocoa and bitter as hell), pure lemon juice (which was disgustingly sour and bitter at the same time) and undiluted Ribena concetrate respectively! No doubt the guys had numerous packets of drink just to down the food hehe. We are totally relieved that we are girls and never need to be tortured punished like that. We are always the one who tortures punishes haha!

The last question was what the bride liked about him. EK replied loudly without any pause, “Because I’m HANDSOME!!!!” At this point, an innocent but deafening loud laughter exploded abruptly! Bryan had came into the living room unnoticed and was laughing heartily at EK’s self-declaration! He looked totally amused. We paused for a moment in astonishment and then everyone exploded into crazy laughter too! It was the most hilarious situation I’ve ever been in. 🙂 

This scene is in the final video screened during the dinner. I wish I could upload it to share with everyone too haha. Kids really do the darnest things but because of the innocence of the acts, they’re the sweetest thing of all. 🙂 Bryan has made an excellent car boy. He had lightened up the atmosphere unconsciously, yet easily. How can you not like children, honestly?

Meet the Duggar Family who has 17 children!

(siao liao!)

Wah just read Kenny Sia’s most recent blog entry “Twenty Four Things I Did When I Was Twenty Four” and it’s a bit depressing (at least for me) after I read it.

I’m slightly more than 2 months into my 24th year of life and what have I done that’s significant?

Hmm let me see…*racking my brain*

Ok, nothing! (T_T)

Don’t believe? Let’s compare…

Kenny Sia has done the following:

1. Learnt to scuba-dive.

Hmm I don’t really have much skills except studying. I was really good at memorising stuff. I even had photographic memory of all pages in my textbooks. But these days ever since I left school, my memory declines to the extent where I worry about having dementia and Alzheimer. I keep placing important things at 非常安全的地方and subsequently can’t remember where these places are. -_- I keep repeating stuff to people cause I can’t recall if I’ve told them previously. Apparently most of the time, I’ve. It irritates my sis to hell haha.

I used to be quite good at sports (volleyball team, remember??) but it’s been eons since I last worked out seriously and the only exercise I do these days is yoga (1 hour per week only somemore). I need to catch my breath just climbing up 8 levels of stairs at work! Now, I can’t even study like before! Too long never study…

I haven’t pick up any muscial instrument like how I said I wanted to months ago. *guilt* And I don’t even want to learn driving as yet cause there won’t be any car for me to drive at the moment anyway. Sounds silly to many people but very practical to me. How many of you has driven a car after getting your licence? I would say practically none and none of these people would dare to drive even if you give them a car now. So I want to learn only when I start to save up for my car (that’s if I can ever ever afford one).

This reminds me of all those 校花校草 TV contests where the contestants are always asked to perform their 才艺表演 and they’ll sing/dance/play guitar or piano (I honestly don’t think much of catwalking as a form of 才艺). My sis always says that we’ll have no 才艺表演 to do! Well, I can blow the recorder but my sis said it doesn’t count cause all primary school children in Singapore can do that too. -_- But recently, I realised that I can whistle and not everyone can, so I insist that it’s a talent (I don’t care).

Oh, I just recall (see, my memory’s really that bad)! I have learnt how to rollerblade! Ok, strictly speaking, I’m still learning because I’ve only used my blades once since I bought them in Aug. But hey, I’ve 10 more months to learn! 🙂

Hmm I never realise that I can go on for so long talking about my lack of skills haha.

2. Learnt to play chess.

wahahah I already knew how to play chess. Though well, *shifting my feet* I’ve forgotten (cue: bad memory) about International chess but well, at least I’ve learnt before.

3. Saw the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza.

I’ve seen and eaten the famous fried nonya bak chang. Does this count? They look like pyramids what, taste magnificent somemore.

pyramids, bak chang 傻傻分不清楚

4. Stayed at the ultra-luxurious Venetian Macao Resort during their grand opening.

Erm I stayed in Gallery Hotel recently and went to Sheraton last weekend. Also very grand what (by my standards).

5. Swallowed the beating heart of a king cobra, and washed it down with a dose of snake blood in Vietnam.

Hmm I don’t really eat raw food. Let’s see. I think I nearly swallowed a big black ant by accident when eating rambutans months ago. It was climbing happily on the hairy rambutan (that’s why I couldn’t spot it) when I used my teeth to peel it. The terrified ant bit my tongue and I squashed it alive.  

6. Met and shook hands with The Black Eyed Peas in Thailand, then got a media pass to watch their concert live.

I got to see Jolin’s G-boobs in concert.

7. Witnessed a fatal car accident for the first time.

That’s something which I’m glad to not have accomplished. -_-

8. Sponsored a World Vision child.

Oh I donated blood for the nth time in Aug. Time for my next donation soon! 🙂

9. Made my first reality TV show appearance in Nescafe Kickstart. Dance instructor Joo Nee Oh engaged my support, and she ended up winning the contest and RM250,000 richer.

I was in a video for the first time last Saturday when we were the 姐妹s for Ser’s Big Day.

10. Signed up for a 12-month exclusive deal with Nuffnang, signalling the beginning of the most significant revolution in Malaysian blog-based advertising.

I just finished 12 months of my 2-year contract on 16 Oct. My first job. 🙂

11. Went on Deal or No Deal. Won the most pathetic amount possible.

Bought my first Toto and 4D. Didn’t win anything. Damn.

12. Watched WWE wrestlers beat the crap out of each other live in Singapore.

Not a fan of WWF, so this is not my fault.

13. Spoke to JJ and Rudy from Morning Crew and helped them out with their Johor Flood Relief campaign.

Those stuck in the Singapore floods didn’t need my help to get out of them, so once again, not my fault.

14. Became an uncle to my sister’s third child, baby girl Lecia.

I would be petrified if any of my sisters makes me an aunt now -_-

I’ll make her into minced meat.

15. Gained a sister-in-law.

My sis will get jailed if she gives me a sister-in-law haha.

16. Was invited to give a presentation on blogging on several occasions. My most memorable ones are at DiGi headquarters, SEGi College and Swinburne University Kuching.

I helped my boss prepare presentations. Eh, not an easy job ok? Try doing slides in Mandarin.

One day, I’ll be the one giving presentations. Hrmph.

17. Met many new friends whom I’ve grown very close to.

Finally something that I can relate to! I’ve made a few good friends at work and that’s good. But something that’s worth to be much happier about is that I’ve grown closer to all my friends in general. 🙂 还是旧的好!

18. Became a hamster pet owner.

Almost wanted to buy some hamsters but decided not to because their life span is too short and I don’t like to see animals dying.

Cute little ball of fluff

19. Fell in love.

Ok, I didn’t. But at least I didn’t fall out of any. haha! *triumph*

20. Lost 5kg. Gained back 7kg.

Aha! I gained 3kg! 10 months later, it might be 7! *cross my fingers and pray not*

21. Began to set aside some money for my future.

The amount of money in my bank currently is the largest amount I’ve ever had in my life so far. Even if it just passed the 3-digit mark. 😉

22. Climbed Malaysia’s highest mountain.

Darn, I didn’t climb Singapore’s highest mountain hill recently. I’ll go climb soon. Suddenly remember that the girls have said that they want to climb it. *shake head at my bad memory*

23. Ran Malaysia’s longest bridge in a 42km marathon.

Ok, I’ve not run a single marathon ever since JC, and I haven’t run more than 2.4km in the past 2 years (see #1). The only marathon that I’d paid and signed up was the Mizuno 2007. And I decided not to go 6 hours before the marathon because I was too lazy to wake up at 4am. In the end, no one went because it rained heavily in the wee morning haha.

24. Had a simple birthday celebration on a quiet suite by the seaside, enjoying the company of my few loved ones.

One of my wishes is to book a hotel suite or go for a holiday at some quiet countryside with my family and just relax. Because they love me so much, most of the time I really want the best for them. I’m still working hard and 等久就有.

For a birthday celebration though, my ideal one is lotsa alcohol, R&B, my girls and just party haha!

So what would my life be considered as then?

Well, 平凡是幸福。平凡对很多人来说得来不易,但我天生平凡。


Well, at least now you know why haha:

In other interesting news (well, haven’t been reading Today online for the longest time), my poor Arshad Warsi (funny man Circuit in my favourite Bollywood series “Munna Bhai“) has been verbally abused in London!

This sounds like what the angmohs would do, isn’t it? I’m a new self-acclaimed Bollywood fan, so yes, I’m pissed.

 The post-wedding feeling is making me feel kinda weird and perhaps a little empty.

For weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for this and that. Especially the scrapbook making which spanned over weeks, and all the last minute shopping for dresses, shoes and accessories we did up till the day before the big day itself. The time we spent thinking of the games to play on the groom and his brothers and preparation of the items.

In fact, we didn’t really rest until the dinner was over. Some of us were receptionists for the dinner, some were the MCs, some helped to dress the bride before and during the dinner. In fact, Diz and I were the latter. We’d to go up to the suite to help Ser into her evening gown at the 2nd course. Which we later discovered, minutes after the dinner was about to start at 830pm and we finally went in to take our seats before the march-in of the newly wed couple, that the 2nd dish was our favourite and something I would rather die than to miss. Shark’s fin hahah.  

We were so disappointed cause we really didn’t want to skip this dish. So Diz said we could finish it before going up with Ser. To which I agreed and reminded her that I can gulp down a bowl of shark’s fin in less than 1 minute anyway. Everyone instantly recalled the previous time we were at this $10 KTV at Chinatown which offered complimentary shark’s fin (not genuine of course haha) and I downed not one but TWO bowls before the rest finished theirs, and all laughed in agreement. 🙂

I also tried to persuade everyone else how it’s not environmental to eat shark’s fin because of the cruelty incurred to the sharks as the fins are cut from living sharks and the finless sharks are then thrown back into the sea where the finless sharks, unable to move, die from suffocation or are eaten by other sharks or animals. I told them how I would take their sins for them by eating their share of shark’s fin as a form of noble act, but apparently nobody was stupid enough to fall for the trick my friends are all sinners *tsk tsk*.

My beloved shark’s fin came and we waited patiently as the cute waiter (but very very young) filled up each small bowl and served to us. He was very cute and polite, but he was also very slow, probably due to lack of experience. Half of the time, we wanted to take things into our own hands, but remembering that we had to be glam and 淑女 at all times that night, we didn’t.

When my bowl of shark’s fin finally reached my hands (and definitely could never escape from my clutches wahahaha), I rapidly snatched the pepper shaker (Diz took the vinegar at lightening speed too) and put loadsa pepper on my shark’s fin like how I always like it. I was about to put the first spoonful into my mouth and savour the familiar tastiness of it, when Diz said in a mixture of amusement, desperation and gan-cheongness that we’d to go up now! Indeed, I turned around and spotted the couple making their way out of the ballroom. My heart sank like I forgot to buy 4D and the numbers came out in the top prize.

We quickly made the girls cross their hearts and promise to safeguard our beloved shark’s fin, kissed it goodbye for the time being and ran after the couple. Honestly not exactly glam haha. We went up, dressed the bride as quickly as we could and ran (yes we really ran along the hallway) to the lift. Ser wanted us to go down as soon as we dressed her because she didn’t want us to miss the video of the day event. But actually the two of us could only think about the 2 bowls of shark’s fin waiting for us downstairs haha.  

the crazy-about-shark’s fin 姐妹s

Yes, it had been a very fun day. I guess this kind of emptiness, especially because we’ve to go back to work (yawn), is normal. Meanwhile, back to work *incessant yawning*.

My heart goes out to all the loved ones of the 5 victims of the recent tragedy that shocked and saddened both Singapore and Cambodia.

It’s greatly unfortunate and an unforeseen twist of Fate when the dragonboat capsized as the 22 men were rowing back to the starting line at the end of the 1.5 kilometre Cambodia-ASEAN Traditional Boat Race that was held at the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. Instead of waiting for a boat to tow them back, the team had decided to row towards shore themselves. When they were close to shore, a wave hit them, causing the boat to collide with a pontoon and overturn. All 22 fellow Singaporeans fell into the waters and were sucked under the pontoon. Only 17 made it to the shore. Sadly, the rowers were not wearing life jackets when the accident happened. And the 5 who went missing never came back alive.

It is believed that a combination of strong currents and fatigue after the race could play a part in the drowning of the five men. They could also have been knocked unconscious when the 500kg boat capsized in the 9m-deep water.

However, I’m relieved that their bodies had all been recovered from the Tonle Sap River yesterday morning. It would be a lot worse if they went missing forever. At least now they can come home.

I’m sure there will be a lot of questions, especially in the case of the families who lost their members within minutes. For example, why aren’t they wearing life jackets. But I guess sometimes when you are very good at something, you cease to see the importance of safety and the possiblity of “what if”. Like how a seasoned roller blader might not put on safety guards. And some drivers don’t put seat belts.

For me, I ask why is it our particular boat that met with the mishap. It was the first day of the race and the very first time foreign teams were invited to this annual national event of Cambodia which celebrates the end of the monsoon season. Organizers said they could not recall the last time there had been a fatality at the races. There were more than 400 boats out on the river at that time. Yet ours had to be hit by that wave, capsized and have our rowers swept away by the strong currents. And all 5 who died were outstanding individuals – a terrible loss to our nation.

There is no answer to a lot of questions in life, but there is no doubt that this distressing incident once again marks the unpredictablity of life. And death. We are always planning for the future but in reality, sometimes tomorrow might not come. We need to live for today, remember to love our loved ones today instead of thinking of making it up for them another day because there might not be another day.

Take time to do something which you really want to do today, and also take some time now to remember these 5 men who died during the course of representing our nation. I hope that they are rest in peace.

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