Today’s schedule:

0850 – 0905: Started up PC at Office Above and read emails (only ONE work-related email out of the 10 emails – 8 other are junks, some asking me to enlarge some anatomical part which I don’t have in the first place).

0905 – 0920: Met with colleagues from Office Below to buy breakfast.

0920 – 1000: Ate breakfast with them at Office Below.

1000 – 1020: Stood around and chatted with them. Finally willing to return to Office Above.

1025 – 1100: Checked this blog and read some other blogs. Replied email from jiemeis (i.e. chatting). Looked at for potential job openings.

1100 – 1130: Decided to tidy up my cabinet. Took everything down and sorted everything out in individual files. Labeled each file clearly. Threw away rubbish that has been hanging around in the cabinet for months. Put everything back into place neatly.

1130: Stared at computer screen in boredom.

1137: Started typing this boh-liao entry.


I can foresee the latter half of my day.

1150: Finish this blog entry.

1150 – 1230: Read more blogs.

1230 – 1300: Think of boh-liao facts that I think I might want to know (like Primordial dwarfism, which is actually really fascinating) and Google them (Google and Wikipedia are my current BBFs).

1300 – 1305: Bored of thinking of stuff that I want to know (God must feel sian of knowing everything).

1305 – 1330: Sit around doing nothing and just thinking about boh-liao stuff, like what to wear on Sat girls’ night out.

1330 – 1500: Meet my colleagues for lunch. Sit around and read newspapers / magazines / chitchat.

1500 – 1505: Thinking of what time to go home.

1505 – 1520: Doing mundane stuff like photocopying, wiping my work desk and computer, filing stuff, tidying up electronic databases, replying more chitchatting emails, and thinking of what to write for the next blog entry.

1720 – 1726: Go to the washroom to prep up for the big 1730.

1729: Aiyah, don’t care, go home liao.


I’ve a very boring work life, don’t I?