Wah this is damn spooky la.

SL just sent us an email asking us to locate the other 2 persons figures in the poster.

Bloody hell! What other 2 persons figures are there in the poster?! I only saw 9 figures!

After scrutinizing it for a while, I saw the 10th girl!

But I still couldn’t see the 11 th one! And it’s not funny staring at this scary poster for more than 5 seconds. Just glancing at it is already plain hair-raising. Stare at it longer and I feel like they are looking back it me too.


But I took a deep breath, sucked in my tummy, stuck out my chest and bravely stared at the poster, searching for the 11th figure playing hide-and-seek with me in the poster.

Bloody hell, still cannot find it.   

So I went and searched the internet for the answer. And ta-dah!

I would suppose you can’t find the 11th one too, so scroll down for the answer!