Diao! Just realised that he’s more than twice my age! It’s 25 years older to be exact.

But still, very humsome!

Update on my mundane life:

Stupid colleague Ji Pu Sai (brown color cause the same color as sai) is away these few days for an overseas conference. Which is why I can afford to be openly slack today. In fact, I haven’t done any work at all today! It feels too much like a blessed holiday without her around. Very evil of me but I hope that she gets mobbed there. =P 妹妹叫我要心存善念, but extremely difficult when it’s her case. Her absence can’t be more timely because I’d a busy weekend meeting up with friends, shopping etc since Friday night and didn’t have the chance to enjoy my sleep or have a good rest.

Yesterday has been a very fun day with the girls even though I can’t reveal what we have been doing for the whole day yesterday cause it’s supposed to be a surprise. But we slogged from 1pm to 10pm!! It has been very tiring for everyone but I guess the results have been satisfying enough haha! Ever since I started on the project, I can’t imagine finishing the whole thing on my own cause it’ll probably kill me with all the work and the need to be creative, so I’m glad that the girls helped me out and hopefully had fun at the same time.

Can’t wait for the product to be completed! Will post it here when it’s ready! =)

Time for lunch break!