Have you read about the latest but also craziest serial killer, Russian “chess killerAlexander Pichushkin?

Alexander Pichushkin

Doesn’t he look totally insane?? The type who will send shivers down your spine with one cold glaring look?

Pichushkin, who went on trial last month at Russia, has been charged with one of the country’s most gruesome serial killing sprees – a total of 49 murders, most committed between 2001 and 2006 in Bittsa Park, a sprawling wild green area on the southern edge of Moscow. The killings terrorized the capital, and Russian media dubbed him the “Bittsa Maniac.”

The most bizarre thing in this murder spree is that his goal is to mark all 64 squares on the chessboard. Meaning that for every one person whom he killed, he would place a coin on the chessboard and he would only stop until he completed filling up all 64 squares! (Although I doubt he would stop after that since killing people has become a thrill, an addiction)

I would think that this dude is siao but experts at Russia’s main psychiatric clinic have found Pichushkin sane. This whole affair is just bloody crazy! He has confessed to 63 murders even though he’s only charged with 49 and claimed that his first killing was committed in 1992, long before the beginning of the murders that he is now charged with. And the first victim was his friend whom he wanted to partner with in the serial killings and this friend refused, so he murdered him. I mean, what the @#$##$%#$!

And he got caught in the end cause he murdered a friend who left a note to her son at home saying she was going for a stroll with him. It was this note that led to his arrest soon afterward in June 2006. He claimed that he was aware of the note in the first place but killed her anyway, implying that he has let himself get caught and that it wasn’t because the cops are smart. “I’m a professional,” he said.

The court refused to charge him for the other 11 murders which he confessed to as there’s no evidence, no body and he can’t confirm the location of the body dumping ground. They believe that he hasn’t kill that many but has only claimed so as he wants to “exceed” Russia’s most notorious serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 of killing 52 children and young women in 12 years.

I mean if being charged with 49 murders means life sentence (nope, Russia doesn’t have the death penalty. what a waste.), might as well pretend to “take credit” for more murders so that your “resume” looks more “impressive”. I’ve always been very intrigued with serial murderers (the Crime Library is my fave read haha) because I completely don’t understand the pleasure in murdering innocent strangers I’m a morbid person (and CSI is my all-time fave show), but I think this dude is really going to leave his name in history. Even if it’s in a very sick way.