I caught《兄弟》last night and darn, 苗侨伟 is so sexy!

Which makes me feel like I’ve betrayed my Andy because to me, 刘德华是永远的偶像

Sure, Andy still looks as fantastic as ever.

But honestly, no need to fight leh. 苗侨伟 doesn’t have to do anything, just stands there and is already more yandao than him. Sorry, Andy!!! But I’m not the only one who says so! They said so too! *defensive*

Darn, so jealous of her (China actress 黄奕 who plays her lawyer girlfriend in the movie)!  

Talking back about the movie itself, the storyline is a typical HK movie – 黑社会。Which is actually what I think HK movie makers do best! I adore HK 黑社会 movies haha and these are the only Chinese movies that I’ll spend money to watch in the cinema. I’ve always been infatuated with the《古或仔》series. Then came the 《无间道》trilogy – 我的最最最爱!After《无间道》, I become seriously HOOKED. I always thought there’s a bit of 流氓 blood in me haha. If you see my paternal extended family, you’ll understand haha. And I actually really have 2 gangster cousins, which is actually absolutely nothing to be proud of. But yet I’m constantly amused.

This movie《兄弟》is a bit different but you’ll have to watch to know. There’s a bit of Korean in the movie haha *hint hint*. Nothing super intriguing or touching though, I felt. I actually cried like Niagara Falls when I watched《无间道》*paiseh*. But the cast is quite good as well.

And the BIG hype over this movie is of course the reunion of the 四虎将。Well, I’ve no memory of this group though I know them all individually haha. I guess I must have been too young. Supposed to be the FIVE of them, but Tony Leung supposedly has a bad feud with the rest (long story, and if you haven’t heard, did you just come back from Mars?) and is hence dropped out (especially since Andy’s the BOSS).

Of course the excuse Andy gave for not having Tony in the movie was that Tony’s a very busy man, which is probably true.  I wonder if Tony’s sulking and cursing behind Andy’s back.

You can catch the movie but don’t expect the 震撼力 that《无间道》has. If you do catch it, watch out for the scene where the pregnant Thai woman was shot dead and lying on the staircase. Eason would shout in fear and fire some shots at the Thai mafia dude. And the “corpse” would actually instinctively blink her eyes a couple of times when the shots were fired haha. Don’t miss it!

And my favourite scene is the funeral scene. It’s the only scene that really showed some 狠劲 from the 老大。Ok, I’m probably really a sadist.

Ok, I admit it. I put this picture cause 苗侨伟 is so humsome! *drool* He’s 50 next year and he still looks great! Another lovely example is 任达华 hehe. I think I really have a penchant for much more matured guys, much to the displeasure of my mummy. Because my mum’s only 48 and she says she doesn’t want her son-in-law to be her brother! haha *slap thigh* Ok, not so funny cause she’s serious about it.  

But really very humsome!