Just found out (cause she was talking damn loudly on her mobile) that my repulsive colleague Ji Pu Sai (a heap of shit in Hokkien, sorry I’m a crude Hokkien) will be going away for a job trip from 26th this month to 1st Nov!!! That’s like, gasp, almost a whole week without having to see the sight of her!

It’s like Christmas coming early AND I’ve a truckload of presents under my Christmas tree!!!

I think she was trying to show off to me when she talked to another person (probably one of her poor CRAs. Poor things because they’ve to tolerate her and, even worse, pretend that they like her, otherwise she’ll make things VERY difficult for them. I don’t care a fuck even if it does make my days harder) over her mobile. But I don’t care! It sounds like a pathetic loser trying to convince everyone that she has friends. And she really doesn’t have any friends. The only friends she might have are probably also losers who don’t have any friends too, and therefore they cling onto one another even though they really can’t stand one another. And I’ve heard that her family isn’t exactly warm and happy either. The only f-word she has is all those FUCKs that I toss to her behind her back haha.   

I probably sound mean being so mean to someone who’s just so sad, but that’s only because you don’t know this bitch. No one likes her. I’m surprised she hasn’t suffer from depression yet. Depression is definitely the last thing that’s going to happen to me for this month haha. It feels like early holidays!!~