Just minutes ago, I was on my way to meet someone when I thought I saw these 2 women fighting. Or so they seemed. The older one (probably in her 60s) was grabbing the younger one around her waist as she struggled to pull away. It was like the latter wanted to go somewhere and the former didn’t want to. Or so it seemed. The auntie managed to hug the younger one (probably her daughter) firmly around the waist just as I was about to ignore and walk past. That was when the auntie took the risk to free one hand and wave frantically to someone else.

I looked in the direction where she was waving and only saw the Prima Deli auntie walking past, probably to the washroom. She saw the auntie wave at her but showed no recognition. Then realization struck me – the auntie needed help.

I immediately walked over and asked what had happened. Anxiety was all over her face. She wanted me to help lie her daughter down to the floor, which I did, though I now think the auntie must have done most of the work. Because looking at her daughter’s built, she must have been heavy, yet I don’t recall the task being difficult. I suppose when you’ve been taking care of a daughter like this all her life, you would have been very fit, fitter than your daughter.

Soon I confirmed that she must have had the fits, and a kind staff who happened to walk past as well quickly went to find a doctor for me. It must be Murphy’s Law though. There are so many doctors walking around all the time and when you need one, you can’t find one. Ok, we probably took less than a minute to get a doctor to help, but in emergencies like this, a minute felt like eternity. By the time the doctor came, her episode was almost over and fortunately she was fine.

The whole incident probably lasted less than 5 minutes for me as I soon left to meet the person I was supposed to meet. It didn’t shock me much, but I admit I felt very helpless when she had an episode and I’m not medically trained to help. And those who are medically trained might not offer to help. The first doctor we spotted and tried to ask to help was talking on his mobile, took a glance at us and quickly walked away. This type of doctors doesn’t help much with my impression of doctors.

There was only this one other guy who came forward to help while I guess the rest just watched (it’s hard to pay attention to the surroundings when one’s in great panic). And he’s really cute. He went and found a pharmacist to help (cause we were outside a pharmacy). J

I don’t know if it has anything to do with age, but these days I keep having people around me collapsing or dying. Seriously, I might be jinxed.