A very good friend of mine from secondary school nearly lost her life last Friday. Fellow classmates and I only knew of it yesterday morning.

I was devastated, I weeped, I couldn’t work, but somehow deep inside me, I knew that she would pull through. Even though her condition has been described as “not optimistic” and “chances of survival being 10% only”. She has always been a vivacious babe, full of life and energy, and loves the sun, the beach and sports. Someone who has a passion for life like her will have the will to live. I just know.

I was relieved to hear last night that she’s improving and regaining consciousness. She’ll be alright. I just know.

Today I took half day to buy her some flowers and a teddy bear, and a get-well card. Wrote the card and then went tuition cause Ah-boy’s having his PSLE this week (tuition every day!! -_-). And then went to collect the flowers, meet SR and go to the hospital. It’s a physically gruelling day, but it’s nothing compared to the mental draining yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s because of my working environment but it didn’t shock me to see her having all those machines beeping around her (she’s in ICU), tubes stuck all over her, including into her mouth and down her throat. I guess it’s because she could have been, and was previously, much worse. I thought she has color in her face and that’s great. It looks mighty uncomfortable to have that tube down her throat and I can only imagine how she’s feeling now. But she’s recovering and I’m very very thankful.  

Her boyfriend was with her when we were there and we got to know that he has been there 24-hour ever since she collapsed on Friday morning. He brought us to see her mum at the waiting area and just before we left, we went back to ICU to say goodbye to him. He was standing there by his bed, bent down, holding her hand, just like how we found him when we reached, but this time he had put his cross that was around his neck in a chain at his lips, his head low. He was praying.

I was very touched the moment I saw that sight. I only met him twice, though I’ve seen his photos a couple of times. The last time was when SR, I and the two of them went to see G perform at a muscial more than a year ago. But at that moment, I understand why she told us before how she’s “very in love with him”. He is a good man. And to stand by his girlfriend through impossible times like his, giving support even though she might have looked like a lifeless doll on life support at one time, I am going to ask her to marry him when she recovers.

Later he asked us suddenly if we are Christians. We answered “no”, afraid of offending a Christian like him. I was surprised when he said he’s not too. He had felt so helpless, like there was nothing he could do, and he just…prayed. It’s true. When it comes to a point of desperation, when you feel sooo helpless, I guess anyone will pray. I will too. We don’t need to have a religion, we don’t have to pray to any particular Divine Being. My sister who has been reading up a lot on Quantum Physics said that praying does help and it’ll get answered if you pray hard enough. She said it has a scientific basis.  

I think his prayers have been answered. 🙂

Bless his and her souls.