October 2007

(Munna to Circuit) “There’s so many interesting things to learn about the human body. Do you know that there are 206 bones in the body?… We never thought about that while breaking them, did we?”

I’m poisoned by Bollywood.

Now I speak English with an Indian accent and keep on shaking my head while I speak.

I need motion sickness pills, man.


Today’s schedule:

0850 – 0905: Started up PC at Office Above and read emails (only ONE work-related email out of the 10 emails – 8 other are junks, some asking me to enlarge some anatomical part which I don’t have in the first place).

0905 – 0920: Met with colleagues from Office Below to buy breakfast.

0920 – 1000: Ate breakfast with them at Office Below.

1000 – 1020: Stood around and chatted with them. Finally willing to return to Office Above.

1025 – 1100: Checked this blog and read some other blogs. Replied email from jiemeis (i.e. chatting). Looked at Jobsdb.com.sg for potential job openings.

1100 – 1130: Decided to tidy up my cabinet. Took everything down and sorted everything out in individual files. Labeled each file clearly. Threw away rubbish that has been hanging around in the cabinet for months. Put everything back into place neatly.

1130: Stared at computer screen in boredom.

1137: Started typing this boh-liao entry.


I can foresee the latter half of my day.

1150: Finish this blog entry.

1150 – 1230: Read more blogs.

1230 – 1300: Think of boh-liao facts that I think I might want to know (like Primordial dwarfism, which is actually really fascinating) and Google them (Google and Wikipedia are my current BBFs).

1300 – 1305: Bored of thinking of stuff that I want to know (God must feel sian of knowing everything).

1305 – 1330: Sit around doing nothing and just thinking about boh-liao stuff, like what to wear on Sat girls’ night out.

1330 – 1500: Meet my colleagues for lunch. Sit around and read newspapers / magazines / chitchat.

1500 – 1505: Thinking of what time to go home.

1505 – 1520: Doing mundane stuff like photocopying, wiping my work desk and computer, filing stuff, tidying up electronic databases, replying more chitchatting emails, and thinking of what to write for the next blog entry.

1720 – 1726: Go to the washroom to prep up for the big 1730.

1729: Aiyah, don’t care, go home liao.


I’ve a very boring work life, don’t I?

Since young, I didn’t have many non-Chinese friends. Throughout my 6 years in primary school, I only knew 2 Indians who were my classmates (and both were very good looking and smart). In secondary school, there was only 1 Indian classmate in my first 2 years there and I was in a pure Chinese class in Upper Sec. I guess it was because I took Higher Chinese all those years. But come JC and there was no non-Chinese in my class again! Hence although I appreciate racial harmony, I don’t have many non-Chinese friends in the first place.

Then I come to work and find myself in a totally different environment at Office Below! Here Chinese is the “minority” – 6 out of 13. The rest consists of 4 Indians and 3 Malays. And it’s very interesting as I get to learn more about their culture, language etc. I’m also guilty that while most of them can understand at least a bit of Chinese, I don’t catch a single word of Tamil or Malay! And quite a number of them are very keen to learn Chinese! I feel ashamed haha.

And while Singapore consists of mainly Chinese and we have so many things catering to our ethnicity group, it hasn’t really occurred to me how deprived the other races might be! For example, our main necessity – food. There aren’t that many choices of food for the Muslims and while we can happily eat their Halal food, they can’t eat the non-Halal stuff that we eat! And then there’s TV. While we’ve 2 Chinese channels catering to our needs, other than other channels that we can watch too like Channel 5, Central etc, they don’t seem to have much to watch too.

Which is why I found it bizarre when my Malay friend started introducing Hindi movies to me (and I didn’t even know the difference between Tamil and Hindi movies in the first place!~). I was thinking, why is a Malay watching an Indian movie? She doesn’t even understand what they’re saying and has to see the subtitles! But come to think about it, it’s the same as us watching Japanese and Korean dramas haha, except I always watch those that have been subbed.

Anyway one day during lunch (we packed lunch to eat in the office), she took out a DVD and we started watching. I tell you, it’s such a darn funny movie la! I laughed like siao (I did warn them that I’m easily amused and I laugh super loudly at everything) throughout the entire 2 hours! Hmm, yes, we slacked for 2 hours at work just watching DVD. Shhh don’t tell our boss, but yes, it’s a darn good life haha!

It’s actually a bit slow to be catching this movie, Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., cause it is a 2003 Indian musical comedy. It’s so good that it was the recipient of a number of awards and being hugely successful, sparked off the production of subsequent Munna Bhai films, becoming the first in the popular Munna Bhai series of Bollywood.

The entire storyline is a laugh – you look at it and you know it’ll be damn hilarious. Plus the dialogue was really well written, like acupuncture needles pin-pointing your 笑穴 every single time they spoke. And it was perfectly cast, with the attention grabbers being the pair of 老大 (Sanjay Dutt) and his sidekick (Arshad Warsi). The 老大 is like Bollywood’s version of Mr Bean except that he does speak and his actions aren’t exaggerated, but the blank face is there haha. And the sidekick is like Gurmit Singh, so you know how cool this guy is.


The amazingly hilarious story line is as follows:

The lead character is Murli Prasad Sharma, nicknamed “Munna Bhai” (“Brother Munna”). Bhai means a crime don in the Mumbai underworld. He ran away from his home in the village at 15 as his father was very strict with him and wanted him to be a doctor, but he only enjoyed making trouble. Years after he left home, his father called him and he lied to his father that he is a doctor now. Therefore whenever his father and mother visit him in Mumbai, his entire gang and the neighbours (who are frightful of him) put on a show – his house becomes the faux Sri Hari Prasad Sharma Charitable Hospital (named after his father), the gangsters become doctors and the neighbours act as patients.

One year, however, Munna’s plan goes awry. His father meets an old acquaintance, Dr. Asthana and the two older men decide to marry Munna to Dr. Asthana’s daughter, Dr. “Chinki” Suman. It is at this point that the truth about Munna is revealed. Munna’s parents are heartbroken and leave.

Munna Bhai, who despite his lifestyle is anxious to please his parents, decides that the only way to redeem himself is to truly become a doctor. Therefore he decides to go to school in order to obtain an M.B.B.S degree. With the help of his right-hand man Circuit and others, he “gains admission” to the Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences, where he runs into Dr. Asthana, who is the dean of the medical school. His success there becomes dependent upon the (coerced) help of Dr. Rustam Pavri.

While Munna Bhai’s skills as a medical doctor are minimal, he shows great compassion towards those in need and transforms those around him. Despite the school’s emphasis on mechanical, Cartesian, impersonal, often bureaucratic relationships between doctors and patients, Munna constantly seeks to impose a more empathetic, almost holistic regimen.

Dr. Asthana, who sees all this as symptoms of chaos, is unable to stop it happening. He becomes rapidly more irrational, almost to the point of insanity. Meanwhile, his daughter, also a doctor at the hospital, becomes increasingly fond of Munna Bhai, who in his turn becomes unreservedly infatuated with her. However, Munna is unaware that Dr. Suman and his childhood friend “Chinki” are one and the same. Dr. Asthana tries several times to expel Munna, but is often thwarted by Munna’s wit or the affection with which the others at the school regard Munna.

Eventually, Munna is shamed into leaving the school of his own accord. But of course it’s still a happy ending. Munna later marries Dr. Suman, learning for the first time that she is “Chinki”. Subsequently the medical school – under new management since the retirement of Dr. Asthana – begins to imitate Munna’s radical methods of treatment. Munna and Dr. Suman open a hospital in Munna’s home village, where they implement Munna’s ideas daily. This earns Munna the nickname “Munnabhai – M.B.B.S.”, although he has no such title. Munna’s parents reconcile with him.

It’s not simply a comedy. It also teaches some values. I never ever thought that I would enjoy a Bollywood movie but this really made me think otherwise! When I find a movie funny, I can watch it over 5 times and still laugh at the same stuff. I’ve the VCD of Korean movie “Guns & Talk“. I enjoy it so much that I’ve watched it over and over again, till the point when my family became irritated with my startlingly abrupt and thunderously loud laughter and asked me how it’s possible for me to hear something so many times and still find it funny each time. Somehow I just can haha.

I’ve borrowed the Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. DVD from my friend and can’t bear to return it cause I haven’t find it sick to laugh at the same old funny parts yet! In fact it’s so good that I’m going to ask her help me buy a copy so that I can keep it. =P

Wah this is damn spooky la.

SL just sent us an email asking us to locate the other 2 persons figures in the poster.

Bloody hell! What other 2 persons figures are there in the poster?! I only saw 9 figures!

After scrutinizing it for a while, I saw the 10th girl!

But I still couldn’t see the 11 th one! And it’s not funny staring at this scary poster for more than 5 seconds. Just glancing at it is already plain hair-raising. Stare at it longer and I feel like they are looking back it me too.


But I took a deep breath, sucked in my tummy, stuck out my chest and bravely stared at the poster, searching for the 11th figure playing hide-and-seek with me in the poster.

Bloody hell, still cannot find it.   

So I went and searched the internet for the answer. And ta-dah!

I would suppose you can’t find the 11th one too, so scroll down for the answer!






Diao! Just realised that he’s more than twice my age! It’s 25 years older to be exact.

But still, very humsome!

Update on my mundane life:

Stupid colleague Ji Pu Sai (brown color cause the same color as sai) is away these few days for an overseas conference. Which is why I can afford to be openly slack today. In fact, I haven’t done any work at all today! It feels too much like a blessed holiday without her around. Very evil of me but I hope that she gets mobbed there. =P 妹妹叫我要心存善念, but extremely difficult when it’s her case. Her absence can’t be more timely because I’d a busy weekend meeting up with friends, shopping etc since Friday night and didn’t have the chance to enjoy my sleep or have a good rest.

Yesterday has been a very fun day with the girls even though I can’t reveal what we have been doing for the whole day yesterday cause it’s supposed to be a surprise. But we slogged from 1pm to 10pm!! It has been very tiring for everyone but I guess the results have been satisfying enough haha! Ever since I started on the project, I can’t imagine finishing the whole thing on my own cause it’ll probably kill me with all the work and the need to be creative, so I’m glad that the girls helped me out and hopefully had fun at the same time.

Can’t wait for the product to be completed! Will post it here when it’s ready! =)

Time for lunch break!

Have you read about the latest but also craziest serial killer, Russian “chess killerAlexander Pichushkin?

Alexander Pichushkin

Doesn’t he look totally insane?? The type who will send shivers down your spine with one cold glaring look?

Pichushkin, who went on trial last month at Russia, has been charged with one of the country’s most gruesome serial killing sprees – a total of 49 murders, most committed between 2001 and 2006 in Bittsa Park, a sprawling wild green area on the southern edge of Moscow. The killings terrorized the capital, and Russian media dubbed him the “Bittsa Maniac.”

The most bizarre thing in this murder spree is that his goal is to mark all 64 squares on the chessboard. Meaning that for every one person whom he killed, he would place a coin on the chessboard and he would only stop until he completed filling up all 64 squares! (Although I doubt he would stop after that since killing people has become a thrill, an addiction)

I would think that this dude is siao but experts at Russia’s main psychiatric clinic have found Pichushkin sane. This whole affair is just bloody crazy! He has confessed to 63 murders even though he’s only charged with 49 and claimed that his first killing was committed in 1992, long before the beginning of the murders that he is now charged with. And the first victim was his friend whom he wanted to partner with in the serial killings and this friend refused, so he murdered him. I mean, what the @#$##$%#$!

And he got caught in the end cause he murdered a friend who left a note to her son at home saying she was going for a stroll with him. It was this note that led to his arrest soon afterward in June 2006. He claimed that he was aware of the note in the first place but killed her anyway, implying that he has let himself get caught and that it wasn’t because the cops are smart. “I’m a professional,” he said.

The court refused to charge him for the other 11 murders which he confessed to as there’s no evidence, no body and he can’t confirm the location of the body dumping ground. They believe that he hasn’t kill that many but has only claimed so as he wants to “exceed” Russia’s most notorious serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 of killing 52 children and young women in 12 years.

I mean if being charged with 49 murders means life sentence (nope, Russia doesn’t have the death penalty. what a waste.), might as well pretend to “take credit” for more murders so that your “resume” looks more “impressive”. I’ve always been very intrigued with serial murderers (the Crime Library is my fave read haha) because I completely don’t understand the pleasure in murdering innocent strangers I’m a morbid person (and CSI is my all-time fave show), but I think this dude is really going to leave his name in history. Even if it’s in a very sick way.

I caught《兄弟》last night and darn, 苗侨伟 is so sexy!

Which makes me feel like I’ve betrayed my Andy because to me, 刘德华是永远的偶像

Sure, Andy still looks as fantastic as ever.

But honestly, no need to fight leh. 苗侨伟 doesn’t have to do anything, just stands there and is already more yandao than him. Sorry, Andy!!! But I’m not the only one who says so! They said so too! *defensive*

Darn, so jealous of her (China actress 黄奕 who plays her lawyer girlfriend in the movie)!  

Talking back about the movie itself, the storyline is a typical HK movie – 黑社会。Which is actually what I think HK movie makers do best! I adore HK 黑社会 movies haha and these are the only Chinese movies that I’ll spend money to watch in the cinema. I’ve always been infatuated with the《古或仔》series. Then came the 《无间道》trilogy – 我的最最最爱!After《无间道》, I become seriously HOOKED. I always thought there’s a bit of 流氓 blood in me haha. If you see my paternal extended family, you’ll understand haha. And I actually really have 2 gangster cousins, which is actually absolutely nothing to be proud of. But yet I’m constantly amused.

This movie《兄弟》is a bit different but you’ll have to watch to know. There’s a bit of Korean in the movie haha *hint hint*. Nothing super intriguing or touching though, I felt. I actually cried like Niagara Falls when I watched《无间道》*paiseh*. But the cast is quite good as well.

And the BIG hype over this movie is of course the reunion of the 四虎将。Well, I’ve no memory of this group though I know them all individually haha. I guess I must have been too young. Supposed to be the FIVE of them, but Tony Leung supposedly has a bad feud with the rest (long story, and if you haven’t heard, did you just come back from Mars?) and is hence dropped out (especially since Andy’s the BOSS).

Of course the excuse Andy gave for not having Tony in the movie was that Tony’s a very busy man, which is probably true.  I wonder if Tony’s sulking and cursing behind Andy’s back.

You can catch the movie but don’t expect the 震撼力 that《无间道》has. If you do catch it, watch out for the scene where the pregnant Thai woman was shot dead and lying on the staircase. Eason would shout in fear and fire some shots at the Thai mafia dude. And the “corpse” would actually instinctively blink her eyes a couple of times when the shots were fired haha. Don’t miss it!

And my favourite scene is the funeral scene. It’s the only scene that really showed some 狠劲 from the 老大。Ok, I’m probably really a sadist.

Ok, I admit it. I put this picture cause 苗侨伟 is so humsome! *drool* He’s 50 next year and he still looks great! Another lovely example is 任达华 hehe. I think I really have a penchant for much more matured guys, much to the displeasure of my mummy. Because my mum’s only 48 and she says she doesn’t want her son-in-law to be her brother! haha *slap thigh* Ok, not so funny cause she’s serious about it.  

But really very humsome!

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