I went clubbing for the 2nd time since the start of this year (well, the 1st time was NYE itself haha) last Friday and I must say that the smoking ban is fantastic! When the ban was announced sometime earlier this year, I was quite taken aback because even though I’m a non-smoker and none of my friends smoke, I did think that this is quite a harsh ban. Despite given all the negative consequences of the habit of smoking (there’s no good reason to smoke, really), I always feel that a person is free to smoke as long as he or she’s above the legal age. It IS a bad choice, but still I think everyone has a choice. So I was shocked when there’s a ban on smoking at all clubs, bus stops etc. When so many people has so many complaints about the government, I didn’t think that the government would impose one MORE ban.


But it is a good decision! I usually left the club feeling like a burnt-out ciggy myself haha, but this time round I still smell good! My hair still smells nice, my clothes don’t reek of that disgusting smell and I don’t stink the poor cabbie uncle on my way home! Moreover, I don’t increase my risk of getting lung cancer!


The funny thing is that usually we had all the smoke covering all other kinda smells in the club until we couldn’t really smell anything else, other than ciggy smoke. Now that that overwhelming smell is gone, we can smell all the sweat on the clubbers (esp the males -_-), and worse of all, the BO!!!! It was scary – I smelt BO on at least one guy who was dancing near me. I don’t understand why they can’t slap on deodorant besides their cologne. Deodorant is cheap what. Cologne just makes you smell good but once you perspire, it’s not going to help conceal your BO! Deodorant reduces your perspiration (seriously!), so your BO won’t have the chance to flourish, and you feel fresh all day long! Deodorant is a good choice. Please buy deodorant. (Man, really sounds like an advertisement)


Anyway it was a good friend’s birthday party at MoS and it was sooo interesting. I think I lead a pretty boring life as compared to hers haha. My friend has, well, a lot of friends haha. So there was quite a few interesting people. I met this Korean who, for some unknown reason, tried to take off my specs TWO times. Luckily (for him), he was quite cute in the eccentric kinda way so I didn’t smack him in the head. I asked him what he was trying to do and I think he said something about it being nice (but why must you take it off from me?) but I was quite drunk, so I can’t be sure if he did say the exact thing. Though I did tell him, thank you and that’s why I should be wearing it. And of course he didn’t manage to get his way. Who knows what he would have done with my specs if he did! -_-


And right at the beginning when we were all chilling out at 54 having some drinks, chit chatting, and getting introduced by my friend to some of her other friends, we’d fun checking out this very weird Indian guy dancing like nobody’s business on the dance floor. When it was still empty. Ok, I won’t say checking out – we were quite laughing at him haha. He was doing his thing like he was performing on the “Dance Floor” and kept checking out his own reflection in the mirrored wall! Very very absorbed in himself. I think he must be enjoying himself a lot and having a lot of fun, but Singaporeans don’t do it this way, man. And of course, being Singaporeans (we think the guy is from India), everyone else around the dance floor had to look, point fingers and laugh at him. -_-


It might have been retribution to jeer at that guy because soon after, when me, Hui and Ser were just standing there chatting, this weird guy came to us, stood between me and Hui, AND PUT HIS ARMS ON OUR BACKS. Eww. I’m quite embarrassed by my own reaction but I actually instinctively pulled myself TWO steps away. But hey, it was reflex response! By now, from my response, you should have realised that he was NOT cute haha.


He might have been very couragous to have done what he did and his pick-up line wasn’t that bad (he said something like, I saw you girls standing here and I thought you look pretty approachable) even though his assumption wasn’t very incorrect (because whether we are approachable depends on WHO’s approaching us haha). But we took the chance to push him away when he actually said he wanted to be introduced to the birthday girl after knowing why we were there. So we tapped YL on the shoulder, pushed him to her and suddenly decided that we wanted to explore MoS hahaha. And just made our sweet escape. =P


Later when we came back from our tour, he was gone and we joked what we would have said if he was cute. “Oh it’s my birthday today, that’s why we are here. You didn’t bring a present? Never mind, you can kiss me!” *lol*


And bad luck didn’t stop here. Later on the dance floor, another popped out of nowhere and started introducing himself. Who of course was treated the same way by us. I am no hot babe but that doesn’t mean I will just take any guy. And fortunately, bad luck didn’t come in threes as it usually does.


We grooved at Smoove and nothing rocks my world more than Hip-Hop and R&B, so ya of course I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Otherwise I won’t party until almost 6am the next morning. Of course, a cutie in the group always helps. 😉 I just wish that I could have been more outgoing. I should be. Hrmph.