I have nothing to do at work today, so I’ve been spending my time preparing one of my very FIRST in my life.

My first hen / bachelorette night.

The first to get married and definitely won’t be the last, yes, Miss Ong has been Mrs Tan for months since her ROM held on Valentine’s Day 2007 but they’ll be having their her wedding dinner this late November. Strictly speaking, according to Singapore laws, she no longer qualifies as a bachelorette. But according to Chinese customs, I think a couple is not considered married until key customs such as groom fetching the bride from her parents’ home, tea ceremony etc are performed.

So well, we should celebrate before it’s all official according to Chinese customs. This is afterall a very valid excuse to stay out all night, drink like a fish and spend money like we don’t care!

Are we going to get a male stripper? This seems like a presumption that all hen nights must involve a young, good-looking, muscular male form stripping down to barely nothing or lap dancing or doing teasing of some sorts. Not that I would mind, I think, but I don’t think I can scream in frevour or cheer him on. I might just hide behind a couch for protection while keeping my eyes on him or whatever he’s doing, and make a run for it should he come nearer. So it might constitute an embarrassing situation where nobody is going to scream in excitement or frevour while he does his thing. If anyone’s going to scream, I think my friends are going to scream for H-E-L-P.

Yes, we are a bunch of shy, conservative young ladies no matter what you say. And we are not hiring strippers.

So what are we going to do exactly?

Shh..it’s a secret. 不能说的秘密。I’ve some preliminary plans up, which I need to discuss with the rest of the gang first.

Counting down to the Big Day itself! (though not my big day, I’m nevertheless pretty excited)