(adapted from AskMen.com) 

Yes, women are UNPREDICTABLE. I should know.

Every woman has her own level of unpredictability. Especially in terms of mood. She can be sweet this moment and morphs into a raging lunatic less than fraction of a second later. It might be easier to strike 4D than to predict a woman’s mood at a particular instant accurately.

We call this mood swings. While most men swing between 2 states of mood – dejected (favourite soccer team lost / girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex with him / hungry etc) and happy (the opposite of everything that can make him dejected), and may I say that the swing frequency is no way as high, women can swing through a spectrum of moods more than the colours in a rainbow, like Tarzan swinging from tree to tree while high on coacine.

And you can’t always blame it on PMS, though you SHOULD expect mood swings during that particular period every month. Almost every single other thing in life can cause sudden mental shifts in a woman, other than just hormones. Ever try having a bad hair day? But if you are a man, then you most likely don’t understand. It can also be missing the shuttle bus, tripping on the steps, missing a possesion, chipping a nail – to big matters like a bad day at work, a fight with a friend or family discord.

Men won’t understand women not because men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It’s because I don’t fully understand women too. But I’m sure most men can recognise the complications of mood swings and the terrible consequences of inappropriate handling. It’s like a landmine – if you don’t know it’s there, you are going to step on it and get exploded to pieces.

Here’s some states of mood a woman can be in and what a guy should do (most of the time anyway). No guarantee it’ll work for every case though, as I’ve said: women are UNPREDICTABLE!!!


Mood: Distant

Meaning that she seems cold, treats you like you are almost not there, gives only nods or short answers to your questions or even completely ignores you, doesn’t laugh at your stupid jokes.

If she doesn’t do that to you all the time, then no, she’s not thinking of breaking up with you.

She might just be tired, not feeling her best, or she might have a problem that she’s not ready to talk about as yet. When you find yourself faced with a girl that doesn’t want to talk, quieten down too. Make only sensitve and tactful remarks, and talk only when necessary. And yes, I think it’s better to try not to say anything that’s supposed to be funny cause I doubt she’ll find it funny. Try to send her home earlier so that she can rest. You need to give her a little breathing room to pull herself together before you start digging into what’s going on. If you push her to talk before she is ready, not only will you not get the facts, you’ll most likely wind up with a resentful and defensive woman on your hands.

In fact, if you are nice enough to her, chances are that she’ll feel guilty for treating you like that once she feels better.

Mood: Depressed

A depressed woman is probably going to be in need of comfort and encouragement rather than space and time alone (both of which might make her mood even worse). Hugs work the best. And yes, gifts. Surprises. Chocolates. Flowers. Anything that rocks your woman’s boat. Just let her know that she is cared for and appreciated.

If her bad mood lasts longer than expected, try setting up a date night reminiscent of happier times, like a return to a favorite restaurant or a memorable destination. A surprise like this delivered unexpectedly can do wonders to lighten her mood and let her know that you are going to stick it out and help her through a rough time rather than bail when she isn’t at her bubbly best.

Mood: Angry

There are two types of anger for a woman:

  1. Provoked anger – because of something you’ve said or done. If you’re the cause, then well, just apologise! And either mean it, or at least sound/look like you do. Because if it’s just a relunctant “sorry”, she’s going to pick that up and you can up one more grade to her storm. If you don’t want to apologise, then well, put on your armour and prepare to go into war.
  2. If the anger seems unjustifiable to you, well, what for apologise? Instead, probe cautiously, and may I emphasize “cautiously”, to find out the actual source of the problem. Don’t make sweeping judgments like “I’m sure if he doesn’t mean it” and never make any slightest suggestion that she’s petty / childish. Unless you wish to end up with (1).

If she can’t have a proper conversation without talking at the top of her voice or screaming / shouting, don’t talk, back off (in other words, RETREAT!) and refer back to the entry on being distant.