Here are some of my favourite lines from one of my current favourite songs, “我怀念的” from 孙燕姿’s newest album “逆光”:  



I always think that there’s nothing much in life that I’ll 怀念 because I am a practical person and practical people don’t look back in life. Why? Because it’s just, well, impractical!~ It’s not like looking back helps anything, right. We get on with life, trying to live better. But these days, I realise that there’s perhaps one thing that I miss – 喜欢一个人的感觉

Let’s see now: there was this one guy whom I’d a serious crush on in Sec 3, another in JC, and how can I forget the h-o-t TA in Uni Year 1.And that’s a grand total of….THREE! As pathetic as the number of links I’ve on my blog!!  

Even if I add all the other minor crushes that have not last for more than a few months, I still won’t need my toes to count! And the last crush was god-knows-when. -_-

I do love men! If I can be invisible, I will sit at Raffles Place or Shenton Way and just watch all the smart, well-dressed men (whom I’m a sucker for) walk past or do their thing. And openly drool (since they can’t see me anyway). Sit in the males’ dressing room? Yes, maybe I’ll even take the chance.

But somehow none of the new guys around me interests me enough to make the effort to know them better. And my guy friends are cute, sweet, funny, mostly intelligent, and highly impossible as romantic targets. And I can’t talk to new guys that might interest me – I stammer.

Looks all set for the shelf.